BIBLE — Day 2

Today’s verses: Psalm 119:9-16 and Matthew 3-4

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  1. I will definitely pray for you, Some things that helps me to resolve fear is to
    A. Think back. What are some things that happened right before you started to feel fear. That might lead you back to the source.
    B. Read your bible. Find verses abt fear. That could and will resolve it completely. I often keep that verse in mind for the rest of the day.
    C. Pray without ceasing! I found when I did that it helped me over some negative feelings and it wasn’t until I did that did I find out what they were and how they got there. Can you also pray for me? I’ve had a lot of trouble opening up to people. When I first meet people I ask their names and that’s all. As a result I don’t have many friends.

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