BIBLE — Day 5

Today’s verses: Psalm 119:33-40, Hebrews 12-13

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  1. Please pray for my moms friends daughter who was in a serious car accident and is on life support. Also play for my mom who might have a urinary track infection. Please pray fo my family and I. A few days ago around 2 am our neighbor’s water pipe burst and they live in the apartment above us. Because of that, the water leaked through the ceiling. My dad woke up and thought that it was drizzling inside. He went to check it out and went upstairs and started banging on our neighbors door. That is what woke my mom up. Our walls are like paper and the outside of our apartment is very echoey. That is what woke my mom up. Our neighbors when to get our landlords and they helped us get the water out. I woke up and figured out what happened. I asked my mom if I could help but she said that everything was under control. I felt like if I didn’t help then I would go crazy. So I helped anyway. Fortunately my dad woke up when he did. If it weren’t addressed sooner then it would be worse. Our landlords build the house and took great pride in it. They aren’t Christians and they felt like they lost everything including hope. The wife was so scared that my mom felt like she was going to have a heart attack. We had to move out of our house for a few days while our neighbors fix it. Pray for our neighbors that they would be able to find Christ and the hope he offers, and help us to find the words to share it.

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    1. Update and praise: We are back home and our hose is looking great! They took out our carpets to wash them, completely dried up the walls, repainted, and are currently filtering the air.
      In 3 days. Thank you all for praying!

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  2. update: The daughter Melanie’s surgery was successful. Sadly she has a collapsed lung and several other serious injuries. she is now in ICU. Melanie is my Mom’s friend’s daughter


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