EXTRA — Sonic-Con 2021, Days Two and Three

Featuring (in order of appearance):

  • John Fornof (Adventures in Odyssey, Down Gilead Lane, Jonathan Park)
  • Allie Barrett (The AIOWiki Podcast)
  • John Tuttle III (Adventures in Opinions)
  • Dominic Treis (A Friend from Woodgrove, Saint Benedict Radio Theater)
  • Pat Roy (Jonathan Park)
  • Nato Jacobson (Jonathan Park, The Adventum)
  • Rose Beasley (Odyssey Moments)
  • Sarah Keimig (The Unofficial Adventures in Odyssey Podcast)
  • JD Sutter (Greenhorn Tales, Audio Theatre Central)
  • Josh Rodriguez (The Audio Drama Alliance)
  • Joshua Prentice (The Encounter)
  • Alicia Hansen (Pirateers)
  • Micah Touchet (Jonathan Park, The Jake Muller Adventures)
  • Jonathan Cooke (Pirateers, A Friend from Woodgrove)
  • Joshua Nicholson (Sonic-Con 2020 Keynote)
  • Colton Grellier (The Encounter)
  • Elizabeth Hansen (Dramafy)
  • Darby Kern (Left Behind >The Kids<, The Jake Muller Adventures, The Watch)
  • Randy Streu (The Jake Muller Adventures, The Watch)
  • Chris Nelson (Basically EVERYTHING)
  • Benjamin Burnett (A Friend from Woodgrove, Part 2)
  • Mercury (Hannah) Glavin (The Encounter)
  • Bethany Burnett (Jonathan Park…?)

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