REVIEW — “The Seven Deadly Dwarves” (ft. Lee Acim)

Lee Acim makes a surprising return to AIO Audio News to join Michael in reviewing the next episode of the post-Blackgaard arc, “The Seven Deadly Dwarves.”  The twins discuss Bethany’s telepathic storytelling powers, exegetical hermeneutics on the Biblical references, HAL 9000, and pulchritude.

Parental Warning: This podcast may not be suitable for listeners under the age of 3.

REVIEW — “The Ties That Bind, Part 5” (ft. Ryan Matlock)

We are back again continuing The Ties That Bind! In Part 5, as the plot continues to move forward, Ryan and I start to cement our critiques of the series as we discuss the vague dialogue, Miss Adelaide’s strange characterization, the faceless opposition, Wooton’s trust of Hadley, reconciliation (and Morrie), and steamed hams!

Please note that we do talk candidly about the themes and issues brought up in these episodes.

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