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  1. That was a great reaction Ryan! 👏

    Yeah, I agree with you that their decision for Eugene is perfect. Can’t wait for that 4 parter.

    1. Thanks! I worked really hard on this and I’m glad you liked it. It was really difficult being silent throughout the whole episode.

  2. I wasn’t sure what i thought a bout townsond colman playing Eugene’s voice inflection , and them using voice cloning software for it (but it did soud good in the preview on the podcast) and I liked your opinion on that. What I disagree with is that Morrie isn’t canon Morrie because he acts differently, because according to This podcast all Adventures in Odyssey audio drama episodes are cannon. That and I thought you were somewhat harsh on this episode. I still wish you would release the rest of the group reactions to album 73 as well.

    1. I’m well aware that they say that all episodes are canon. I’m saying Morrie was poorly written here because the episode is supposed to be canon. The answer to the question “Why is this bad?” shouldn’t be “It wasn’t supposed to be.”

      How was I too harsh on this episode? What did I say that was inaccurate? I think this episode deserves the harshness I levied at it.

  3. Good podcast. I really missed hearing from you on this podcast. I’ve been following your DGL podcast. I really like that one too. I liked all of your takes and fully agree. I didn’t care too much for this episode but I didn’t hate it like I did Call the Whole Thing Off (except for Emily’s ending monologue. I was so happy that she let them hear her opinions) and the Team. Morrie’s whining honestly made me laugh. It was kinda annoying but really funny too. Have you heard Game Night and will you review that one? That was my favorite in album 74. I’m really excited about 75 and so so so glad he’s coming coming back! Plus I saw someone else we all know and love on the cover. It’s really getting me hyped up for the 4 parter. I don’t really know why I still care about the Rydell’s but I’m interested in seeing what 2’s Company, 4’s a Crowd will be like. And Zoe was really weird with that one line in this episode about bitterly saying that Suzu’s paper was a little too good. I really didn’t care much for Suzu’s storyline. Trey’s just having a hard album this album. I feel bad for him and wish he wasn’t so interested in Morrie. He needs someone better to be his friend. I really really hope that Morrie apologizes to Emily in album 75 but I’m not holding my breath on it. Anyway, this is getting long. Just wanted you to know that your podcasts are some of my favorites to listen to. I don’t agree with every opinion you’ve had but I agree with most.

    1. Also, kept forgetting to say this but I loved your reaction to the Chairman coming back. I literally had the same reaction and my siblings looked at me like I was crazy (I was listening through headphones). 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Also, Got any advice for a hope-to-be amateur podcast and blogger? And if I started a blog or podcast would I be allowed to guest on a future podcast of yours?

  4. Hey! So glad you’re back to recording episodes. I’ve been coming back now and then to see if you posted anything and finally did. Hooray! My opinions on this episode are that it’s just ok. For whatever reason it’s the episode with most repeat value (in this album that is). Perhaps because it’s a relatively simple plot and not much happens. I have no comments on the Zuzu part of the episode. After listening to your reaction I decided to do some research of my own and it does surprise me that odyssey went this route, since it could’ve easily been researched on google. As for Morrie, I understand what you’re saying about him feeling like a different character. But I enjoyed the episode because we had to see him eat some humble pie, which is true for the character overall (seeing himself better than others).

    I never got the impression that the episode was saying college wasn’t as good as public schools. I felt the reason why Whit wanted Morrie to take the public school classes was because even though he may be intelligent, when it came to making connections with other people, he was emotionally immature. And perhaps taking college classes wouldn’t let him give kids like Tray or his age a chance. He’s far to prideful as it is and I wonder if being around a group of older kids would’ve only fed that pride more (by that I mean, he would constantly see himself better than the other kids because he had the intelligence to be in duel enrollment, while the others aren’t). Considering that we both agree he can be a sociopath, enabling his ego is the last thing he needs. It would actually be more of a challenge for him to be in the regular classes, because he would have to get used to seeing kids he considers “beneath” him as genuine individuals. And yeah, Whit’s not God but as far as we know, Zuzu and Morrie aren’t Christians. He’s probably made this decision after a lot of prayer in his part.

    That’s all I have to say about this. Hope to hear more reactions!

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