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    1. I have invented a license for people with an IQ over 200 called the Morrie license. With this license you may lie to people manipulate people and lock people in rooms. Oh and you may look in other people’s lockers.

  1. I’m looking through the Bob Smithouser and Dave Arnold Q&A screenshots I took. Here are a few interesting things I failed to mention before:
    * To quote Bob Smithouser, “There’s someone interesting in Morrie’s world who we haven’t met yet.”
    *Bob Smithouser said Camilla is canonically 10 years old. (I guess that means two years have passed since album 51.)
    *When asked if the Parker family is going to continue to appear, Dave Arnold said, “Some of them, at least.” There are episodes in production that feature Olivia and Eva Parker.
    *Jillian does not have any family around Odyssey.
    *We will see more of Penny’s sister, Charlotte, in the future.
    *The team planned to record episodes in late April, but it will likely be postponed for obvious reasons.
    *Declan, from “Rightly Dividing” will likely not appear again.
    *A fan asked if we’ll see Zoe’s family, and Dave Arnold said, “I think we will!”

  2. Q+A Answer!!
    Are Morrie family details going to be revealed in the next album? “Pretty much everything will be revealed! It’s gonna be good…..”. -Dave Arnold

    I suspected that the 3-parter would be the end since it has “Revelations” in its name, but this confirms it!

      1. it was actually The website mentions upcoming club episode “The Martyr and the Rooster”. Odyssey usually says upcoming club episode when it is next months club episode.

  3. A surprise album has been released in the AIO Club, called, “Hope in Trying Times,” and features a collection of 24 episodes about, quote, “how to overcome fear, put faith in the Lord, and serve others when the going gets tough.”

      1. It also says that there will be a Jones & Parker Collection, but I’m sure you already knew that.
        Also, it says that there will be a “Degrees of Kelvin” (a favorite comic among Clubhouse readers) graphic novel with the entire saga in it. On May 26, there will be an early look. It will be called, “Degrees of Kelvin: Good News for the Galaxy and Beyond!”

        1. Description for “Bridget, Redefined”………….

          “Having a dad in the military isn’t easy for the Perkins kids.
          That’s why folks in Odyssey are being extra gracious toward them-maybe too gracious. What happens when Wyatt’s teenage sister, Bridget, gets sick of the special treatment? And who will get caught in the crossfire?

  4. Abigail Geiger’s episode, “For a Song” was directed by Nathan Hoobler and will feature a song in it! I got this information via Facebook.

  5. The Degrees of Kelvin graphic novel cover is on Amazon! It will be released on June 9, 2020, and it’s available for pre-order.
    Also, on, it says that the Radio Theater Chronicles of Narnia series will be coming soon to Focus at Home.
    I know that the interview that happened on the Adventures in Odyssey Club when Dave Arnold and Bob Smithouser asked the fan’s questions is old news, but there are a few questions I found interesting that weren’t mentioned in your posts.

    A fan asked if there would be another get in the show contest. Dave Arnold responded, “We don’t have any plans right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we do it some time.”

    When someone asked if there is a plan to have a deeper storyline for Jay, Dave Arnold replied, “Not at the moment. I personally really like Jay’s character a lot though. Maybe at some point we’ll do a story arc with him. He’s just really good in smaller doses.”

    When someone asked if they can make episodes about Wooton as a kid, Dave Arnold said, “Fun idea. We’ll have to think about that.”

    A lot of questions were asked about characters returning to Odyssey. Bob Smithouser and Dave Arnold answered these and said that they don’t have any plans to bring back Agent Bourland, Monty Whittaker, Jellyfish, Two-Bits, Nelson Swanson,or Mr Skint anytime soon. When asked if Aubrey Shepard was going to return to Odyssey, Dave Arnold said, “Probably not.”

    Both confirmed that they might continue to have Horace, Luella, and Nelson in episodes. Dave Arnold confirmed that we would hear from Valerie again outside of the club episodes. Bob Smithouser said, “We’ve even talked about possibly having Mrs. Randolph return in a Club episode next year.”

    Someone asked if Paul McCucker would write any episodes. Dave Arnold said, “Paul is busy working for another company right now, so I don’t see him writing anything for us soon. Someday maybe?”

    I think they completely destroyed theories about the Rydell Saga being connected to Novacom and Blackgaard. A fan asked, “will we ever meet up with him or any of the Novacom folks again?” Dave Arnold said, “no plans at this point, but you never know.” To follow that up, Bob Smithouser said, “Morrie is in no way connected to Dr. Blackgaard who, may I reiterate once again, is 100% dead.”

    Dave Arnold said that they can’t do episodes about the Narnia stories and Tolkien stories because they, “are owned by estates and they have to grant rights to do anything with them. We’ve already done all of the Narnia stories for Radio Theatre. But the Tolkien estate won’t give us permission.”

    When asked about the Young Whit Books, Dave Arnold said, “Just finishing up book four and book five is already plotted out and ready to begin. If they sell well enough, we’ll continue the series. If not, that could be the last. So buy them and read them!” He later said, “By the way, if we continue the books past this first series, I have ideas for Young Whit to go visit his relative on the ranch.”

    The last question which was answered I think, was a fan saying to please answer about Connie getting married. Dave Arnold replied with, “Only God knows that answer.”

  6. In the AIO Blog’s interview with him, Jared DePasquale said he is doing the music for “The Rydell Revelations, Parts 1-3”!

  7. Whit’s has been updated! The domain, instead of, is On the site, the release date for the fourth Young Whit book has been revealed: April 2021.

    On the latest podcast, (, the preview of The Rydell Revelations was played again…but with one extra line after Morrie says, “It’s all on Emily’s phone, here.” Whit replies, “Hm. Interesting. It’s not password protected.”

  8. In the latest official podcast they said that the cover picture of album 70 will have Connie, Jason, and Wooton

  9. I don’t think you ever mentioned the upcoming episode “A Simple Reminder”. It is a remotely recorded episode that was recorded on May 18. It was from Phil Lollar’s Facebook page, and is written and directed by Phil Lollar and includes Connie, Whit, and Jason.

  10. July’s Club episode is “Millstones”.
    The description in the magazine says, “Some choices are easy, But knowing the right thing to do isn’t always black and white. In “Millstones,” Connie’s good intentions lead to trouble when a fundraiser gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Renee faces a truth-telling dilemma in the Room of Consequence. Is it ever OK to lie? Join us this month at for an important lesson on motives and moral decision making.”

  11. Album 69 was removed from the Club, and in the comments section under Cut-And-Fold Wyatt, a user called ModeratorNaomi said, “We’re sorry for the confusion with the new album, friends! We hope you’ll be encouraged to know it’s scheduled to post on July 7th!”

  12. ….which was a rumor. Bob Smithouser commented, “Hey everyone, Bob here. Apparently there’s been some confusion about the Club debut of Album 69, Best Kept Secrets. A technical glitch caused the album to appear in the library early — just the cover and track listings, no audio. That was corrected earlier today. Then I saw a rumor that Album 69 would begin rolling out on July 7. Not true. As promised, Club members will be the first to hear episode one, “The Rydell Revelations, Part 1,” on Tuesday, July 14. I hope that clears things up. I can’t wait to hear what you think of that three-parter!!”

    (Sorry for the unnecessary comments)

  13. August’s exclusive Club episode is called “Badges of Honor”.

    “American Heritage Girls Olivia Parker and Zoe Grant try to earn as many badges as they can.”

    It is written and directed by Kathy Buchanan with sound design by Nathan Jones and Luke Guenot and music by John Campbell. Cast information on the aiowiki.

  14. “Search for a Sunflower” was recorded today (July 30) at Salami Studios. It was written by Abigail Geiger, directed by Nathan Hoobler and engineered by Christopher Diehl. Connie and Penny are in the episode, along with Phil Proctor assumedly as Don Polehaus. Altogether they are recording 6 episodes this week. (Credit – Phil Lollar Facebook)

  15. There is a Christmas episode being recorded today at Salami Studios featuring Gregory Jbara as Wilson Knox. Directed by Nathan Hoobler and engineered by Christopher Diehl. (From Phil Lollar – Facebook).

  16. “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” is the next episode in the Rydell Saga and was recorded last week. It will appear in Album 70 and includes Emily, Suzu, Morrie, and some unexpected people.

  17. So apparently A Simple Reminder is finished and has been confirmed to be September’s club episode. Yes. September’s. What??!!

  18. I’m sure you have probably already heard this but, I got confirmation on the rest of the episodes in album 70 from Nathan Hoobler, here they are:
    “Jumping Off, Jumping In”
    “Auto Response”
    “The Protector”
    “The Christmas Bells”
    Mind you, these are in no particular order.

  19. Not exactly newsworthy, but due to a glitch on the AIO Club app, we now know that the next Offical Podcast will be with Abigail Geiger over “For a Song,” and presumably will cover her joining the team and all of that awesome stuff.
    So does this mean there will be no Phil Lollar interview about the Rydell Revelations? I hope not.

    1. That podcast reveals that two new episode that were written by Abagail Geiger were recorded in July, titled “If I Never Told You” (description: When Penny invites a long lost aunt to her Christmas vacation, it nearly causes a family crisis; cast: Penny Bassett, Wooton Bassett, Aunt Bassett), and “The Revenge of Bigfoot” (description: Jay and Buddy take on a mythical primate and learn an important lesson on revenge; cast: Jay Smouse, Buddy Norman). The description for Search for a Sunflower was also released: Connie and Penny become detective, and go searching for Penny’s paintings.

  20. The AIO team has been recording again this week. I asked Phil Lollar about the titles to some of them and he gave me this list of episodes being recorded this week and next.

    Make Snow Mistake,
    Snow ‘Em Who’s Boss
    Sew on and Snow Forth
    The Snow Must Go On
    Voice of Freedom 1 & 2
    A Dickensian Dilemma

    He also said they are all Club episodes.

  21. Nathan Hoobler revealed the Album 70 episode orders to me, here they are.

    Jumping Off, Jumping In
    Auto Response
    The Protector
    The Christmas Bells
    Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

    He also said this:

    “Looks like the first episode will release on the Club on December 15. They will release in a slightly different order on the Club than elsewhere.”

    I think that means that they Christmas episode will air on the 22nd, instead of the mid January date.

  22. Also, Jules and Wooton will appear in either
    Make Snow Mistake,
    Snow ‘Em Who’s Boss
    Sew on and Snow Forth
    The Snow Must Go On
    Voice of Freedom 1 & 2
    A Dickensian Dilemma

    I assume Jules is going to be the ones with the “snow” puns, since the last snow title is “The Show Must Go On”
    Source: Katie Leigh Facebook

  23. Clubhouse December arrived today, and the tagline for the album 70 “column” is “Multiple Mysteries” with this text below: “What happened to Connie’s car? Who’s behind an elaborate cellphone scheme? And why did Wyatt pull a crazy stunt that landed him in the hospital?…”

  24. My first time revealing new info! It’s been confirmed that Phil Lollar co-wrote “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” with Bob Hoose. I’m happy this is true since Bob wrote or co-wrote 4 of the 9 episodes in the saga so far. Source: Phil Lollar via Facebook

  25. According to aiowiki, there is a new compilation album called “The Fruits of the Spirit” which will be released on June 8, 2021, and will contain 12 episodes. It can be pre-ordered from Amazon and CBD.

    Katie Leigh and Will Ryan have just released a bonus edition of their book, “Adventures in Oddity”. It contains 58 more pages of back and forth dialogue between Katie Leigh and Will Ryan and more new original drawings by Will Ryan. It can be ordered on Amazon and Katie Leigh’s website.

  26. This info has been out for a while but it’s newsworthy nonetheless. The Leonard Melstner Saga was released as a compilation album in the club. It features all 15 episodes about Eugene’s search for his father and the events after. The first episode is “Last in a Long Line” and the Last episode is “A New Era, Part 3”

  27. Marshal Younger is now the showrunner for Adventures in Odyssey and he has been since October of last year. His new role consists of approving scripts and the directions of all the storylines on odyssey (taking over in part from Dave Arnold). Source: Official Podcast

  28. The official summary for album 70 is out on the club.

    In adventures in Odyssey volume 70 finding a way the Perkins Family experiences high drama, everyone’s a suspect when Connie’s car goes missing, and Emily finds herself in detention… with Morrie and Suzu! Album 70 finding a way features all of that and more including the first episodes recorded with the actors in their own home studios.

  29. The unofficial episode summaries (according to the writers and album description) are as follows..

    Auto Response- Everyone’s a suspect when Connie’s car goes missing (also Bucks storyline will be continued here)

    The Christmas Bells- Stories from the life of American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

    The Protector- Continues Wyatt’s story from “Jumping Off, Jumping In” where Wyatt finds and learns to use his “super power”

    Unrelatable- A mysterious caller stirs up Connie’s show on live radio! Who’s behind a phone scam?

    Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off- Emily finds herself in detention with Morrie and Suzu!!

    Source: AIO Club, Official Podcast, Clubhouse Magazine

  30. A new special album has been released on the club with a set release for 2021. It’s titled “Daily Bible Readings” and includes a 30 day Bible reading plan with scripture read by Katie Leigh as Connie, Andre Stojka as Whit, and Townsend Coleman as Jason.
    Source: AIO Club

  31. Another preview of album 70 was released during the daily radio broadcast yesterday. A clip from “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” included Suzu talking to Jay, for some reason monkeys are mentioned and the music is lighthearted (things aren’t looking good for the episode). Hence, Jay will be in the episode and it seems it will have a lighter tone than “TRR, Pt. 1-3” (at least for part of it).

  32. In the episode “True Calling” Whit shows Mandy a “cosmos bipinnatus” flower, and says that they’re located “all throughout the state. Further research showed me that the following list of locations have sitings of this flower Auburn, Alabama

    Dothan, Alabama

    Peoria, Arizona

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    Concord, California

    Magalia, California

    Merced, California

    Murrieta, California

    Oak View, California

    San Jose, California

    Stockton, California

    New Haven, Connecticut

    Lewes, Delaware

    Seaford, Delaware

    Clermont, Florida

    Gainesville, Florida

    Keystone Heights, Florida

    Lake City, Florida

    Vero Beach, Florida

    Braselton, Georgia

    Douglasville, Georgia

    Hawkinsville, Georgia

    Lawrenceville, Georgia

    Stone Mountain, Georgia

    Kailua, Hawaii

    Kaneohe Station, Hawaii

    Maunawili, Hawaii

    Lewiston, Idaho

    Itasca, Illinois

    Nilwood, Illinois

    Peoria, Illinois

    Washington, Illinois

    Columbus, Indiana

    Norwalk, Iowa

    Lansing, Kansas

    Hebron, Kentucky

    North Billerica, Massachusetts

    Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Webberville, Michigan

    Ypsilanti, Michigan

    Deer River, Minnesota

    Florence, Mississippi

    Madison, Mississippi

    Berlin, New Hampshire

    Greenville, New Hampshire

    Munsonville, New Hampshire

    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Fletcher, North Carolina

    Massillon, Ohio

    Reynoldsburg, Ohio

    Springfield, Ohio

    Ashland, Oregon

    Brookhaven, Pennsylvania

    Scranton, Pennsylvania

    Rock Hill, South Carolina

    Greeneville, Tennessee

    Abilene, Texas

    Austin, Texas

    Broaddus, Texas

    Fort Worth, Texas

    Houston, Texas

    Lewisville, Texas

    San Antonio, Texas

    Santa Fe, Texas

    Tremonton, Utah

    Danville, Virginia

    Kalama, Washington

    Olympia, Washington

    Spokane, Washington

    Black Earth, Wisconsin

    Madison, Wisconsin

    More research showed me that in Ohio there is more commonly the white asters, but this specific species is located throughout Illinois, prompting me to conclude that Odyssey is in fact in Illinois.

    “There is a tendency for the flowering stems to sprawl across the ground during the autumn. Range & Habitat: The native Drummond’s Aster is common in central and northern Illinois, while in the southern section of the state it is occasional to locally common”

    Sources: and midwestgardening.

  33. I was wondering if Ms. Adelaide’s brother(Bobby) was the same Bobby from Connie Comes to Town in Album 1? Just a thought…

    1. Never thought of it, although I think his last name was Novak, not Adelaide, but he could’ve been any of the other random kid’s named Bobby from the early episodes.

      1. I was wondering since I remembered that AIO brought back Davey Holcomb from Whit’s Flop (Album 1) into Stars in our Eyes (Album 43), where the gang is trying to write up a commercial about Whit’s End

  34. On the latest official podcast Atticus Schafer, voice of Morrie, revealed that “The Team” would show a better side of Morrie and Suzu and put them in a situation where they help her face a new antagonist.

  35. From the AIO Club: another Drake the Cosmic Copper episode was recently recorded. It’s called “Drake and the Aberrant Automaton” and will be a Club episode released in 2022.

  36. I know why Connie won’t get Married it is a backup plan if Connie has to be written off the show. Also, I do not want Connie to get married though.

  37. The AIO Facebook page just announced that sound designer Jonathan Crowe will be retiring after nearly 24 years of working with Adventures in Odyssey. This week will be his final recording session.

  38. The AIO Team recently finished recording episodes for AIO Club Season 9.

    “Knox on Love” was recorded on July 26, 2021 and will feature Eugene Meltsner, Connie Kendall, Wilson Knox, and Penny Bassett. It is written and directed by Phil Lollar.

    “Results May Vary” was recorded on July 26, 2021 and will feature the characters Cooper, Joseph, and Trey Calhoun, Lucia Ortega and Wilson Knox. The writer and director is unknown. The episode’s featured charity is Global Health Outreach. There’s also a clip from it on the AIO Facebook page.

    “In For A Penny” was recorded July 27, 2021 and is written by Abigail Geiger and will feature the characters Penny Bassett, Connie Kendall, Juan Reyes, and a new person named Kyle. The summary is, “When Penny’s art class at the hospital gets cut, she takes her paints and brushes to the juvenile detention center…with mixed results.” There’s also a clip from it on the AIO Facebook page.

    “Fishing For Gold” was recorded on July 28, 2021. It is written by Bob Hoose. It will feature the characters Detective Don Polehaus and Molly (played by Tessa Espinola), his granddaughter.

    “The Way of the Comic Book” was recorded on July 28, 2021. It will feature the characters Buddy Norman, Wooton Bassett, and Jay Smouse. The writer and director are unknown. This episode is scheduled to release in the Adventures in Odyssey Club on April 1, 2021. It will be the 100th Club exclusive episode. The summary is, “After Jay criticizes Buddy’s story ideas, Buddy asks Wooton to mentor him in comic book creation.”

    There’s also an episode called “Judge Me Tender”, which will feature Bridget Perkins and Jules Kendall meeting for the first time. This episode was recorded on July 27, 2021. It is written and directed by Marshal Younger. The characters it features include Bridget and Wyatt Perkins, Connie, and Jules Kendall. It wasn’t specified if this was a mainstream or AIO Club exclusive episode. A page from the script is available from the AIO Facebook page.

  39. The title and summary for Album 72 have been revealed!

    And all the episodes for the second Megapack album have also been revealed, and Book 28 of the Imagination Station book series will be titled “Islands and Enemies”, and the summary has also been revealed.

  40. The official Adventures in Odyssey website has a huge banner declaring “A Whole New Club Experience Coming 2022” so maybe after years of gripes and complaints they’re changing how they release episodes or revamping how the club works or simply adding more bonus features.

  41. Hi Michael, I enjow your podcast immensely. I even listened to your episode when you were sad because of Alternate Rydell. I started a new blog called TheOdysseyBoi. I am the person that has been commenting as Bob Bob. We would appreciate a guest post from you and would like you to mention our website. Thank you TheOdysseyBoi (Bob Bob)

      1. Could you also write a short summary about how you decode Morrie’s voice with Audacity, I would like to do that. Thank you.

      1. Sorry for responding late. I did not see your comment. You may talk about any Odyssey or other audiodrama topic as long as it is kid friendly.

  42. A new aio podcast The W.E. Podcast
    I Heard about it on adventures in opinions
    They have 8 episodes out so far as of Nov 5

  43. The official (updated) summary of Album 72 has been released on It says:

    “Just as Buck Oliver is finally settling into a comfortable life in Odyssey, an out-of-the-blue message arrives that may lead him far from home. Buck’s father left behind more of a history than anyone suspected. Could a map from the past determine Buck’s future?

    On another life-changing journey, Olivia has a new imaginary friend – a philosopher named Leonid – who is smart, interesting, and so talkative. Olivia is now doubting everything and everyone. Will her relationships with the folks at Whit’s End be broken? Will Leonid’s deception convince Olivia to abandon her faith once and for all?

    Futures hang in the balance as friendships and families face incredible challenges in Adventures in Odyssey Album 72: The Long Road Home. “

  44. In the december 2021 club magazine it is revealed that Morrie is not behind the secret voice. …”that mask can’t hide who you are Morrie Rydell.” The mask tilted again. “Ooh, are we going by other people’s names? I like this game, Esmerelda.” “It’s obvious,” I said. “You stick your nose in my cases. You love computers. You lived in Japan. It has to be you” Suddenly, a flashlight shined behind me. “Get away from my sister!” Barrett shouted. I turned and saw Barret confront a curly-haired boy hiding among the dumpsters. Morrie! ” This kid was sneaking around,” Barrett said. Then he noticed the masked figure. “Uh, what’s up with the creepy santa?” The nemesis took a step backward…

    Now I want to know who is behind the secret voice!

    1. What’s the context for that? You mean why I just didn’t appear for a while or why I said I didn’t come on for almost a year? Because I think I’d been in episodes throughout the year.

    2. Michael has been on my podcast several times last year and will be on several times this year. I do several bonus episodes called Beyond AIO on the same feed. It’s where we review other shows with connections to Odyssey. Michael was in all 7 of the ones released last year. We got into a routine reviewing Paws & Tales and Jonathan Park. That’s what we’ve been focusing on for some time.

      He just hasn’t been on a regular episode since episode 12 when he and Allie did the Top 10 Least Favorite Episodes list with me. I’m assuming that’s what you’re talking about. We’re in talks to do a discussion episode about AIO for a regular episode at some point.

      Thanks for listening to the show!

  45. I think Snow day is the best Non-Whit episode and maybe even the Best Odyssey episode. I like the are you warriors or are you wimps quote. I also like the quote your going gown in history quote.

  46. The title and summary for the next album have been revealed!

    Also, a second book of The Jones and Parker Case Files is about to be released, but I’m more interested in this next album. 😉

  47. The Town of Odyssey Message Boards recently hosted a live chat with Marshal Younger in which the fans asked him questions about Odyssey and upcoming episodes. Here are some of the highlights:

    When asked about Album 73, he said: “28 Hours is a six-part episode written by Kathy. And it’s going to blow your mind…Kathy outdid herself on 28 Hours. I didn’t know she had it in her.” He later said, “I enjoy acting, but I don’t think I’m that good at it. Kathy wrote a pretty major part for me in “28 Hours”, and I felt like an idiot next to Phil Proctor, who has been acting in audio drama for 60 years!”
    (He says here that he acted alongside Phil Proctor. I’m wondering if that means he’ll be playing Officer Stew Burke.)

    He also made several comments about what the plans are for the future of Eugene Meltsner. He said, “We discussed what we’re going to do with Eugene in the February meetings. And we made a definite decision, but I really can’t say much more than that. We considered all possibilities, and there are no good answers. I’ll tell you right now, you probably won’t be satisifed with anything we do about Eugene, because what we really want is Will. And we can’t have that.” When the possibility of killing Eugene was mentioned, Marshal said, “That came up, and there were people on your team in [that] camp. Not going to say if we’re going that way, but I will say that much.” He later said, “We are trying our hardest to handle the Eugene thing with care. Remember, we have lost a friend too. It’s going to be hard on some of our actors. But like I said, there are no good solutions.” He went on to say that Nathan Hoobler is working on the tribute now.
    (Not to speculate or anything, but based on these comments, I’m wondering whether the AIO Team decided to bring in a new actor for Eugene. But I could be wrong.)
    Later, when asked about the availability of the Eugene Sings Album, he replied, “I don’t really know anything about “Eugene Sings”. I didn’t realize it wasn’t in the Club. I’ll look into it.”

    The topic of the Rydell Saga came up a few times. When asked if we will we see any stories showing the dynamic of Morrie and Suzu at Whit’s house, he replied, “Yes, Phil is writing a story right now about Morrie and Suzu interacting with Whit, some at the house. Should be in Album 74.”
    It was mentioned that the Rydell Saga has been controversial and that the fans feel like their questions haven’t been sufficiently addressed. Someone commented that instead of changing course, “it seems more like y’all are doubling down”. Marshal responded, “We talked at length at the writer’s meeting in February about a plan for Morrie and Suzu. For some, the damage is done and I don’t know if any answer we give is going to satisfy, but we are planning on addressing some of those questions.”

    When the subject of Whit no longer being at the forefront of the show came up, Marshal simply replied, “As far as Whit is concerned, he is definitely the most prominent character in shows coming up.”

    Several questions were asked about different characters, and he gave multiple hints/tidbits about upcoming episodes. He said, “I led the Writer’s Meeting in February, and I emphasized making sure our main characters are heard from, making sure we tell stories with relevant themes, and hitting on deep topics.” He also said that there are “No plans right now” for Becky Riley, the Timothy Center or Whit’s End, Connellsville to appear in the near future. However, he did say, “There’s some stuff happening with Whit’s End though that’ll be very cool.” When asked if there will be more Kidsboro episodes, he said, “I doubt there will be any more Kidsboro stories. It never really fit with the world of Odyssey.” When asked about a Leonard Meltsner return, he said, “We haven’t talked about Leonard.” When asked if we’ll hear more about Valerie, he said, “If I recall, I don’t think any of the stories pitched at the Writer’s Meeting included Valerie.”
    When asked about exploring the character of Jay, he said, “We will see a little bit of Jay’s home life in a show coming up in the Club soon.” When someone said that the Jay-stalking-Zoe thing is creepy, Marshal responded, “Personally, I think “stalking” is a bit harsh. Maybe I’m not being sensitive enough. But I actually think Zoe likes it.”
    When asked if there are any Imagination Station shows coming, he said, “IS episodes, yes. And two historical episodes. And a couple of Bible ones.”

    When asked if there will be an updated Official Guide for AIO’s 35th Anniversary he replied: “No. We don’t have much planned for the 35th, but I just pitched something HUGE for the 1000th episode. Can’t say, though… Sorry.” He went on to say that the 1,000th episode, “…should be recorded in the summer 2024.”

    He also mentioned the upcoming upgrade of the AIO Club, saying, “The new Club Experience keeps getting pushed back for various reasons. We’re hoping within the month, but don’t quote me on that.”

    Those are a few highlights from the chat. To read more things Marshal said (including answering to Jillian being the chariman), check out the full transcript can be read here:

  48. remember when we thought Ms. Meido was a reference to another show. Well it is not. With evidence from Focus

    Ok so I am a young Odyssey fan around (redacted for privacy) years old years, however I also like listening (and reading transcripts) of Focus on the Family, and read Plugged In for fun. However in Album 69 Morrie says if that is not the wonderful Ms. Meido, (a reference to Ms. Mrs. Maisel) but in the Plugged In article, you say the show is a bad show, why do you have that reference? Response: “You also suggested that the character Ms. Meido might be a reference to the show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. We can assure you that no such connection exists on any level.”

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