REVIEW — “The Rydell Revelations” (ft. Rachel and Josh Strnad)

The long-anticipated review of “The Rydell Revelations” with Rachel and Josh from the Return to Odyssey podcast has arrived … and it’s unlike any other review of the three-parter.  Nothing is held back as the couple presents the case that this end of the Rydell Saga is the worst possible outcome for the series, with flaws ranging from plot deficiencies, broken characterization, and the betrayal of the integrity of John Avery Whittaker.

REVIEW — “The Good in People,” “A Sacrificial Escape,” and “Further from the Truth”

With Rachel and Josh from the Return to Odyssey Podcast: Listen on

As anticipation for Album 70 grows, Josh and Rachel are back with Lee to review the next three episodes in the saga of Morrie Rydell.  In this review, the trio discuss the progression of the saga as red herrings abound, and how they play into compelling storytelling.  Plus, a lot of maniacal chuckling from Josh.

REVIEW — “Parker for President,” “The Key Suspect,” and “The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse”

With Rachel and Josh from the Return to Odyssey Podcast: Listen on

Although the saga of Morrie Rydell is over, there are still listeners who haven’t heard all nine episodes, or any of them, for that matter.  Today, Josh and Rachel sit down with Lee to discuss the first three episodes in the saga — and see just how close two old-era Odyssey fans come to predicting “The Rydell Revelations.”

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