EXTRA — Reacting to “All Things Adventures in Odyssey” from Clint Brahms

Podcast featured in this reaction: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/id1693273384

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  1. Okay wow! I was not expecting a mention. 🤯 Lol Thanks. Uh, yeah. I turned completely red. Lol I’ll finish your podcast now but I had to turn it off for a second. 🤭😆

  2. And yes! His music! I can hardly concentrate on anything else in his podcast because I’m also a sucker for really good music! 😍

  3. Also, I’ve been following your podcast for a while but due to being introverted, I just recently started feeling brave enough to comment. Lol

      1. But I did enjoy some of them except for Chain Reaction. But I enjoy the All things Adventures in Odyssey podcast especially the optimistic view on current era and future of Adventures in Odyssey.

  4. I actually liked Two Roads but that was mostly because I’m obsessed with Twilight Zone and it’s a play off of the Twilight Zone.

  5. Just finished listening to your two newest episodes. Excellent job as usual. It’s so good to hear you back, however brief or infrequent it may be! Glad to know you want to get back into the Odyssey fan community. You have been missed!

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