REACTION — 28 Hours, Part 1: “Morning” (ft. Ryan Matlock)

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  1. I was so excited when Tasha came back.
    DGL Audio News.
    I was thinking Jillian was dating Polehaus after listening.
    Speaking of Mountian men have you heard of Basecamp adventures?
    Ryan Appleberry is dead long live the Gaggle A91!!

  2. I welcome to revival of AIO Audio News for this album! I have been so out of Odyssey for almost a year (with the exception of feeling deeply attached to the Olivia story arc when I heard album 71/72) so this feels like a return to form for me and it makes me so happy this podcast has returned, too, even if only for this album!
    Ryan’s theory about Jillian’s coming out of episode was the same as mine after hearing part one. I thought it was just too soon in the story to reveal “evil” Jillian without pulling a switcheroo and her intentions being not as malicious as Kathy wants us to believe coming out of the episode.
    The mention of alternate Rydell makes me want to go back and read all the scripts. So good!
    I absolutely cannot wait to hear the discussion of Afternoon!

  3. 29:45 you two sounded like Sarah, Alex, and Cal tryna figure out Arem in Grand Opening lol

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