[VOLUME WARNING] Michael’s Spoiler-Free Initial Reaction to “Afternoon”

Let’s just say… this is the biggest episode of all time.

7 thoughts on “[VOLUME WARNING] Michael’s Spoiler-Free Initial Reaction to “Afternoon”

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  1. Okay this is literally the greatest thing ever. 😂 Your reaction was priceless and probably sounded like most if not all AIO fans. We definitely had the same reaction. We’re SO excited for part 3 and can’t wait to hear your full review for part 2!

  2. I thought this episode wasn’t out yet did you hack the club again? Also does anyone know when the new club app is coming out?

  3. This is one of your best reactions ever. Good thing I had my volume turned down, thanks for the warning! I as well had a similar reaction to this episode. 😆

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