The Alternate Rydell Saga

There’s a secret here that… feels unsettling. You’re the revealer of secrets, Lord. If there’s something more to this, something I need to do, please… make it clear to me.

John Whittaker, #833: “The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse”
Cover art by Allie Barrett
Cover art from “Drama and Conflict” by Allie Barrett

The Alternate Rydell Saga (AR) is a different take on the saga of Morrie Rydell from Adventures in Odyssey. After the episode “A Sacrificial Escape,” the Alternate Rydell Saga breaks from the official saga with a different version of “Further from the Truth.” It is a series of five scripts written by Michael LaFaver, the host of AIO Audio News. The first draft of AR #1 was written in 2019, and the following four episodes were written in 2021.

Production began on May 19, 2021 for the five episodes in the series, and after a week-long rewrite, production briefly resumed on May 31 before being shut down by Focus on the Family on June 3. Allie Barrett finished the cover artwork for it on September 5.


  1. #802: “Parker for President”
  2. #804: “The Key Suspect”
  3. #833: “The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse”
  4. #853: “The Good in People”
  5. #877: “A Sacrificial Escape”
  6. AR #1: “Further from the Truth”
  7. AR #2: “Drama and Conflict”
  8. AR #3: “Revelations”
  9. AR #4: “The Final Problem, Part 1”
  10. AR #5: “The Final Problem, Part 2”

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  1. I’m a bit late, but I recently read “Revelations” a little while ago. Excellent job on that script! I find it especially impressive how you tied it in to “The Search for Whit”. I do have a few questions.

    If I understand correctly, Soren and Morrie hacked into the Whit’s End computers during the escape room fiasco. Morrie copied the contents of the computers onto the disk which Suzu gave Soren in “Drama and Conflict”. One of the things on the disk is a copy of the contents of the disk that Alethia gave Whit. Is that right?

    If so, was Tasha’s report also copied onto the disk? I was wondering because in scene 6, Morrie and Soren are talking about “the report”. Where did they read Tasha’s report? The report was also on the disk Suzu handed Soren, correct?
    And I assume the next script will show what they did in the basement. 😉

    Also, is there a particular reason why Whit didn’t turn in Alethia’s disk to the authorities and kept it for all these years without decoding it? I’d think he would have turned it in immediately.

    Overall, I think you are doing a good job so far on this alternate Rydell Saga and I look forward to reading the next script.

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    1. You’re on the right track! Nice job! You’re very close with what the contents were, and I while there isn’t too much more of an explanation in “The Final Problem,” you’ve pretty much guessed what I had in mind.

      As to why Whit didn’t turn over the disk… eek. I think you just found a plothole. I’ll be sure to fix that.

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    2. Oh, actually there’s a simple explanation for that. Whit goes into hiding basically immediately afterward. He says in Revelations that he couldn’t trust anyone. It makes sense that he would keep the disk because he thinks that Alfred or maybe even Tasha sent Aletheia. And years later, he’s probably forgotten the significance of it or thinks it’s been too much time for it to be relevant.

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      1. That makes sense, thanks for explaining! Glad I understood everything correctly.
        I am now reading part 1 of “The Final Problem”. It’s really good so far!


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