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  1. Ooh… Like that end-er thingy, whatever. Pretty cool. Though, what is it? I can’t seem to recognize it from anywhere else off the top of my heaaaa… As I’m writing this comment, I have now realized! Odyssey Scoopcast.

  2. On the AIOwiki the cut and fold characters past Jason there’s no picture of them unassembled can you please fix that

          1. Because I didn’t know I couldn’t change it every time when I left on my review on apple podcast

    1. I mean not really ‘cuz I’m not too active on the Wiki. I would recommend requesting an account and asking about it on the talk page for Cut and Fold Characters.

  3. also when AIO had the tell the writers what do you think thing one of my comment said higher Michael LaFaver as a writer

  4. All my theater nerd love to whoever sang that Six line when talking about Seymour. I was immensely pleased.

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