THOUGHTS — So… Here’s What Happened

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  1. One, I’m excited for Woodgrove;
    Two, I’m excited for AIO Audio News;
    and Three, I *ody* get to work.
    P.S. Man! I didn’t get first comment. C’mon!

  2. I feel like it wouldn’t be a misrepresentation to speak on behalf of most of the online active fanbase; we appreciate you, Michael!

    It was awesome to read-through the alternate Rydell Saga with you. Those were always the highlight of whatever week we did them. Been meaning to reread part 2 of TFP 😂 I think about it often.

  3. Michael I’m so EXCITED for your audio drama. and I have a few questions will I be able to listen to it for free? Where will I be able to listen it and one more question not about the audio drama. are you going to be a counselor at the camp? And if you are. Are you qualified to answer questions about the waffle bar?

    1. Haha, I don’t think I’m qualified to talk about the alleged waffle bar yet. 😉 I’ll have more information about the audio drama eventually, but it will be free. I’m planning on releasing it as a podcast.

  4. Hey Michael just wanted to say that your podcast and all the other aio podcast mean a lot to me I started listening to them about a year ago and it was a month or two before that when I looked aio podcasts up and l remember listening to part of a review on the scoopcast it was the review of legacy and did not like it at that moment because I thought it was just people complaining about aio but than revelations came out and I realized that aio can be bad so that is when I started listening to podcast and now my uncle says that I listen to too many aio podcasts so thank you

    1. Thanks, man. Although, I would push back on saying that “The Rydell Revelations” was bad; I don’t think there are any bad AIO episodes. Some can be controversial, like TRR3 and “Legacy, Part 2,” but I try to keep a positive outlook on AIO if I can.

      Tell your uncle it’s not your fault that there are a dozen fan podcasts. 🤣

  5. Aaaaah Michael, must u make me cry?!?! First you have a nasty break up and then Focus won’t let you produce your scripts. Thank you for coming back tho!!!! I listened to all of your reviews over again in the no-post era.

  6. I just have a few more questions I feel like I should already know this but I don’t what is the Audio drama alliance? Do you know what happened to the Raspberry ripple podcast interview with actors who play Buck and Jules? Michael how long have you been listening to aio? I’ve been listening for 4 years sense I was 8. How many times roughly do you think you’ve heard every episode.

    1. I can answer the other questions along with the first. The ADA is a group of audio drama producers headed up by JD Sutter, the host of Audio Theatre Central. We help each other collaborate on projects.
      I don’t know what happened to that interview; I’ve been listening my whole life; and I’ve heard every episode roughly four times.

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