REACTION — 28 Hours, Part 3: “Evening” (with 5 Hosts)


  • Ryan Matlock (Return to Gilead)
  • Timmy Baze (The Odyssey ScoopCast)
  • Unique de Krijger (A Friend from Woodgrove)
  • William Chad Newsom (Adventures in Opinions)

11 thoughts on “REACTION — 28 Hours, Part 3: “Evening” (with 5 Hosts)

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      1. Loved Double Date btw. You have a very nice voice. And the people you chose to cast were really good too.

  1. Hey, Michael
    I love your podcast. Are you going to release your other 28 hours reactions? I love hearing reactions after I hear the episodes.

      1. I bet! Especially with those huge group reactions. Those must be a pain with everyone talking and probably getting way off topic. 😂

  2. great reaction! wondering if you have new AIO content in the works right now?

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