4 thoughts on ““Icky, Etc.” in Club 2019, Apology for April 1 News (Commentary)

  1. Here is a suggestion. You may have seen me commenting on your posts asking other AIO fans how they would describe themselves as if they were fictional characters in 3 words, so I dare you to describe your self that way on the next audio post! At least, think about it. The fictional character could be any one you choose. If you want to make up one for yourself, you can. If you want to do an AIO character, you can! Your character could even be a secret agent! The entire post does not have to be about describing yourself if you don’t want to or are not able to for any reason, though that is an option! You could just have that be a small part where you talk about that, possibly at the end of the podcast after all of the AIO news parts! Again, if you are not interested or are unable to or anything, you do not have to do it. I just think that it might be fun to get more people talking about how they would describe themselves in that way!

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  2. Lee, talk about going for the head. Most of us at WTO are cool now. Most. Can’t blame Luke. I woulda thought the Icky episode was a joke in and of itself anyhow.

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