Prayers and support for writer Kathy Buchanan and family

From AIO Update:

Kathy Buchanan has been part of the Adventures in Odyssey team since 1999. Perhaps you know her best from the countless fan favorites she’s written over the years, such as Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips, Do or Diet, Sunday Morning Scramble, For Better or For Worse, and One More Name [or from my criticism of her recent work –Ed.]. This weekend we received some very sad news. On Friday, August 2nd, Kathy’s husband Sean died in a traffic accident. Sean leaves behind his wife – Kathy, and daughters: Jasyln – age 15, Maleah – age 12, Bella – age 10, and two adopted sons: Michal – age 8 and Divin – age 6. It’s at times like these that we need to come together to show our support. Recently a GoFundMe campaign was set up called the Sean Buchanan Memorial Fund to cover various costs to help the family through this tragedy. Please pray for Kathy and her family and consider sharing and donating to the crowdfunding campaign.

9 thoughts on “Prayers and support for writer Kathy Buchanan and family

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    1. That is so sad. This is the first time I’ve heard about it. I’ll definitely be praying for them. May God give them strength and comfort…

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