Icky and Kat and Other News

“Icky, Etc.” Rename, Artwork, Runtime, and Plot
Young Whit 3 Club Preview and Summary
Andre Stojka as Narrator for Imagination Station Audiobook 4
Aaron Fullan as Composer for Nostalgic Album 68 Episode
Morrie in Clubhouse

Source: October 2019 Clubhouse Magazine, Official Podcast, Audio Theatre Central Podcast 124

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  1. In the comment section of ‘Trapped in an Escape Room, Album 67’, Bob Smithhouser actually announced album 68 will begin airing on the club on December 19. This happened the day both parts of ‘Nightmares by Constance’ were released on the same day after technical difficulties.
    Thanks for the update!

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  2. Hmm… I think the Club Mystery is connected to A Sacrificial Escape, because (Spoiler Alert!) the voice heard Matthew say that he doesn’t want to do detective work, suggesting Suzu as her partner instead. Just saying!
    Also, Aaron Fullan (not sure if it’s the same guy) has done work for Heirloom Audio’s Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty.
    And, my favorite song in the Club episode, which is a musical by the way, is called “Don’t Lose Your Head.” For some reason, I just keep singing it to myself.
    Also, Lee. Too busy for Odyssey? You, like run two sites devoted to Odyssey! You can’t be too busy! What’s wrong with you? (Matthew: Hey, that’s my line!).
    Anyway, just throwing that out there. Now catch!

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