10 thoughts on “Rydell, Part 6: “Further from the Truth” — Group Reaction and Review

  1. FINALLY! I’m gonna stop what I’m doing and listen to what I think will be you absolutely disappointed with Further From the Truth.
    Also, I’m talking about the initial reaction, not your current stance. I just wanted to make that clear.

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  2. Play Theme Song.
    First Mistake! 😂
    Oh great. So you knew it was fake. I was hoping for a “Nooooo! No, no NOOOO!”
    At least you thought that “End Program was humorous.”
    Oh they can end it there.
    And that was my thoughts to your initial reaction to Further From the Truth. I apologize if I’m being a bit harsh.

    One word to y’all’s review afterward: Good grief!

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