EXTRA — Thoughts on Sonic-Con 2020 (ft. Rose Beasley)


Sonic-Con 2020, which happened October 23-25 of this year, was a one-of-its kind event that celebrated all things family-friendly audio drama, featuring celebrities like Phil Lollar, Katie Leigh, John Fornof, Marshal Younger, and Todd Busteed. Rose Beasley, from the Odyssey Moments Podcast and Instagram page, joins me to talk about our thoughts on the incredible weekend.

This is PART ONE of the conversation, so be sure to visit Rose’s podcast and website to hear part two: OdysseyMoments.com

2 thoughts on “EXTRA — Thoughts on Sonic-Con 2020 (ft. Rose Beasley)

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  1. Very cool to hear your thoughts on Sonic-Con! It was great to meet you!

    Oh, and by the way, there were more than 5 people in the live ATC taping! LOL There were people in the balcony and some of the far back rows on the ground level. It wasn’t huge, but our count was about 20.

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