REVIEW — “The Right Choice, Part 1”

As a breath of fresh air, Ryan and I head back to a more nostalgic era of AIO to review the next episode in the post-Blackgaard arc, “The Right Choice, Part 1.” Throughout our gleeful raving over the episode, we discuss “who started it,” if jet lag is a poor excuse, consequences for immaturity, Brandon’s character arc, and parallels between this episode and both of our love lives. It’s the longest and deepest review we’ve done so far.

7 thoughts on “REVIEW — “The Right Choice, Part 1”

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      1. Okay. I thought that you actually created something here, but no, just a quick joke.
        So why not do, “AIO Audio News is a presentation of LaFaver Productions.”? Or, the even better choice, “AIO Audio News is a presentation of Gabriel’s Ideas.” 😆 Actually, that wouldn’t work, as this is your idea. Oh well.

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  1. For some reason, this felt a lot like a relationship counseling session with Ryan 🤣! I really like the real life/psychological/philosophical approach that you take in your reviews, especially this one…or any episode that deals with relationships. Solid stuff, keep it up 👍

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