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  1. I’m looking through the Bob Smithouser and Dave Arnold Q&A screenshots I took. Here are a few interesting things I failed to mention before:
    * To quote Bob Smithouser, “There’s someone interesting in Morrie’s world who we haven’t met yet.”
    *Bob Smithouser said Camilla is canonically 10 years old. (I guess that means two years have passed since album 51.)
    *When asked if the Parker family is going to continue to appear, Dave Arnold said, “Some of them, at least.” There are episodes in production that feature Olivia and Eva Parker.
    *Jillian does not have any family around Odyssey.
    *We will see more of Penny’s sister, Charlotte, in the future.
    *The team planned to record episodes in late April, but it will likely be postponed for obvious reasons.
    *Declan, from “Rightly Dividing” will likely not appear again.
    *A fan asked if we’ll see Zoe’s family, and Dave Arnold said, “I think we will!”

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  2. Q+A Answer!!
    Are Morrie family details going to be revealed in the next album? “Pretty much everything will be revealed! It’s gonna be good…..”. -Dave Arnold

    I suspected that the 3-parter would be the end since it has “Revelations” in its name, but this confirms it!

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      1. it was actually The website mentions upcoming club episode “The Martyr and the Rooster”. Odyssey usually says upcoming club episode when it is next months club episode.


  3. A surprise album has been released in the AIO Club, called, “Hope in Trying Times,” and features a collection of 24 episodes about, quote, “how to overcome fear, put faith in the Lord, and serve others when the going gets tough.”

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      1. It also says that there will be a Jones & Parker Collection, but I’m sure you already knew that.
        Also, it says that there will be a “Degrees of Kelvin” (a favorite comic among Clubhouse readers) graphic novel with the entire saga in it. On May 26, there will be an early look. It will be called, “Degrees of Kelvin: Good News for the Galaxy and Beyond!”

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        1. Description for “Bridget, Redefined”………….

          “Having a dad in the military isn’t easy for the Perkins kids.
          That’s why folks in Odyssey are being extra gracious toward them-maybe too gracious. What happens when Wyatt’s teenage sister, Bridget, gets sick of the special treatment? And who will get caught in the crossfire?

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  4. The Degrees of Kelvin graphic novel cover is on Amazon! It will be released on June 9, 2020, and it’s available for pre-order.
    Also, on, it says that the Radio Theater Chronicles of Narnia series will be coming soon to Focus at Home.
    I know that the interview that happened on the Adventures in Odyssey Club when Dave Arnold and Bob Smithouser asked the fan’s questions is old news, but there are a few questions I found interesting that weren’t mentioned in your posts.

    A fan asked if there would be another get in the show contest. Dave Arnold responded, “We don’t have any plans right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we do it some time.”

    When someone asked if there is a plan to have a deeper storyline for Jay, Dave Arnold replied, “Not at the moment. I personally really like Jay’s character a lot though. Maybe at some point we’ll do a story arc with him. He’s just really good in smaller doses.”

    When someone asked if they can make episodes about Wooton as a kid, Dave Arnold said, “Fun idea. We’ll have to think about that.”

    A lot of questions were asked about characters returning to Odyssey. Bob Smithouser and Dave Arnold answered these and said that they don’t have any plans to bring back Agent Bourland, Monty Whittaker, Jellyfish, Two-Bits, Nelson Swanson,or Mr Skint anytime soon. When asked if Aubrey Shepard was going to return to Odyssey, Dave Arnold said, “Probably not.”

    Both confirmed that they might continue to have Horace, Luella, and Nelson in episodes. Dave Arnold confirmed that we would hear from Valerie again outside of the club episodes. Bob Smithouser said, “We’ve even talked about possibly having Mrs. Randolph return in a Club episode next year.”

    Someone asked if Paul McCucker would write any episodes. Dave Arnold said, “Paul is busy working for another company right now, so I don’t see him writing anything for us soon. Someday maybe?”

    I think they completely destroyed theories about the Rydell Saga being connected to Novacom and Blackgaard. A fan asked, “will we ever meet up with him or any of the Novacom folks again?” Dave Arnold said, “no plans at this point, but you never know.” To follow that up, Bob Smithouser said, “Morrie is in no way connected to Dr. Blackgaard who, may I reiterate once again, is 100% dead.”

    Dave Arnold said that they can’t do episodes about the Narnia stories and Tolkien stories because they, “are owned by estates and they have to grant rights to do anything with them. We’ve already done all of the Narnia stories for Radio Theatre. But the Tolkien estate won’t give us permission.”

    When asked about the Young Whit Books, Dave Arnold said, “Just finishing up book four and book five is already plotted out and ready to begin. If they sell well enough, we’ll continue the series. If not, that could be the last. So buy them and read them!” He later said, “By the way, if we continue the books past this first series, I have ideas for Young Whit to go visit his relative on the ranch.”

    The last question which was answered I think, was a fan saying to please answer about Connie getting married. Dave Arnold replied with, “Only God knows that answer.”

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  5. Whit’s has been updated! The domain, instead of, is On the site, the release date for the fourth Young Whit book has been revealed: April 2021.

    On the latest podcast, (, the preview of The Rydell Revelations was played again…but with one extra line after Morrie says, “It’s all on Emily’s phone, here.” Whit replies, “Hm. Interesting. It’s not password protected.”


  6. I don’t think you ever mentioned the upcoming episode “A Simple Reminder”. It is a remotely recorded episode that was recorded on May 18. It was from Phil Lollar’s Facebook page, and is written and directed by Phil Lollar and includes Connie, Whit, and Jason.


  7. July’s Club episode is “Millstones”.
    The description in the magazine says, “Some choices are easy, But knowing the right thing to do isn’t always black and white. In “Millstones,” Connie’s good intentions lead to trouble when a fundraiser gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Renee faces a truth-telling dilemma in the Room of Consequence. Is it ever OK to lie? Join us this month at for an important lesson on motives and moral decision making.”


  8. Album 69 was removed from the Club, and in the comments section under Cut-And-Fold Wyatt, a user called ModeratorNaomi said, “We’re sorry for the confusion with the new album, friends! We hope you’ll be encouraged to know it’s scheduled to post on July 7th!”

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  9. ….which was a rumor. Bob Smithouser commented, “Hey everyone, Bob here. Apparently there’s been some confusion about the Club debut of Album 69, Best Kept Secrets. A technical glitch caused the album to appear in the library early — just the cover and track listings, no audio. That was corrected earlier today. Then I saw a rumor that Album 69 would begin rolling out on July 7. Not true. As promised, Club members will be the first to hear episode one, “The Rydell Revelations, Part 1,” on Tuesday, July 14. I hope that clears things up. I can’t wait to hear what you think of that three-parter!!”

    (Sorry for the unnecessary comments)

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  10. August’s exclusive Club episode is called “Badges of Honor”.

    “American Heritage Girls Olivia Parker and Zoe Grant try to earn as many badges as they can.”

    It is written and directed by Kathy Buchanan with sound design by Nathan Jones and Luke Guenot and music by John Campbell. Cast information on the aiowiki.

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  11. “Search for a Sunflower” was recorded today (July 30) at Salami Studios. It was written by Abigail Geiger, directed by Nathan Hoobler and engineered by Christopher Diehl. Connie and Penny are in the episode, along with Phil Proctor assumedly as Don Polehaus. Altogether they are recording 6 episodes this week. (Credit – Phil Lollar Facebook)


  12. There is a Christmas episode being recorded today at Salami Studios featuring Gregory Jbara as Wilson Knox. Directed by Nathan Hoobler and engineered by Christopher Diehl. (From Phil Lollar – Facebook).


  13. “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” is the next episode in the Rydell Saga and was recorded last week. It will appear in Album 70 and includes Emily, Suzu, Morrie, and some unexpected people.


  14. I’m sure you have probably already heard this but, I got confirmation on the rest of the episodes in album 70 from Nathan Hoobler, here they are:
    “Jumping Off, Jumping In”
    “Auto Response”
    “The Protector”
    “The Christmas Bells”
    Mind you, these are in no particular order.


  15. Not exactly newsworthy, but due to a glitch on the AIO Club app, we now know that the next Offical Podcast will be with Abigail Geiger over “For a Song,” and presumably will cover her joining the team and all of that awesome stuff.
    So does this mean there will be no Phil Lollar interview about the Rydell Revelations? I hope not.

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    1. That podcast reveals that two new episode that were written by Abagail Geiger were recorded in July, titled “If I Never Told You” (description: When Penny invites a long lost aunt to her Christmas vacation, it nearly causes a family crisis; cast: Penny Bassett, Wooton Bassett, Aunt Bassett), and “The Revenge of Bigfoot” (description: Jay and Buddy take on a mythical primate and learn an important lesson on revenge; cast: Jay Smouse, Buddy Norman). The description for Search for a Sunflower was also released: Connie and Penny become detective, and go searching for Penny’s paintings.

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