3 thoughts on “B-TV: Trinity Summary and Album Status, Two-Parter in Album 66

  1. Hey!! You’re back! *waves*
    Okay, you haven’t heard Beyond Repair??? GO- Shoo- run!! It’s… wow.
    Also, the Sandwich Initiative was as bad as everyone says it is. *shudders*
    Anyway, nuff said. Great to have ya back.

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    • Now, see here! Arista and I haven’t reviewed The Sandwich Initiative yet, but have you heard my reaction to it? Perhaps you should hear it again! Don’t you be hatin’ on an amazingly funny episode, Jo!!
      …Good to be back 🙂

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      • Now you see here, I just got used to everyone’s voices AND they changed it again!! *insert devasated emoji here* And Mr. Parker- well, that was just strange. However, I’ll grudgingly concede that it was indeed funny.
        Good ta have ya. 😀

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