Actress and Character in Album 67

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  1. For anyone who reads this, I know about how in album 66, the cover art shows Eugene, Katrina, and Buck launching the rockets. I know about how there is a guy hiding in the bushes watching them. What I want to know is, what do you all think? Do you think that that guy might be Skint? Also, do you think that Skint might be back in future albums? Also, some of you may have read that post on Welcome to Odyssey that was like a Q&a about album 66. You may remember how Nathan Hoobler said that album 66 would “not exactly” end on a cliffhanger. What do you think he meant by “not exactly?” Do you think that Nathan was referring to the guy hiding in the cover art? Do you think that he meant that the guy in the cover art was a hint for a future episode? I am just throwing this out there more to start a discussion than anything else. I want to know all of your theories? I want to know, if you think that Skint will be back, how and in what albums and episodes! Also, what do you think Skint will be up to in those episodes?

    1. I think the guy hiding in the bushes is Skint. He may be back in other albums… IDK. Before I say anything about the third question, I want to know if you have listened to The Long End yet so I don’t give any spoilers. I think the artist put Skint in the picture to help represent the feel of the episodes, and to give a spoiler about what may happen. 👍

    2. I seem to recall a comment from Nathan Hoobler or someone saying that the cover art does not represent any single scene from the episodes.

  2. OK, Lee, I double dare you to consider doing an audio post about your theories about whether or not Skint will be back, and if so, in what albums and episodes! Also, what he might be up to in those episodes! You could also talk about whether you think that it is possible that there might be an episode where both he and Morrie are working together, and if so, what they might be up to! You could also consider having more theory posts like this as well as news and joke posts in future!

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