Introduction (May 2019)

Welcome to AIO Audio News, your source for the actual latest in Adventures in Odyssey news.  Your host is Lee Acim, known as Scientific Guy on AIOWiki and as Lee on the AIOWiki Podcast.  This website features news as audio clips just like this one.

To share new information, please see the Stringers page.

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  1. Just an FYI: Did you know that I found out about this website while listening to an interview with Lee Acim on I listened to it some months ago and decided to check out when it was mentioned in the interview. Also, introduced me to The AIO BlogCast among other Adventures in Odyssey fan stuff except for That fansite, I found via the Google search engine, and then after I had found that fansitte, I saw that The Official AIO Podcast brought it up in one edition.

      1. Weird. I don’t have Premium either. Maybe it’s because I’ve got mine set up as a “blog” not a “website” (hence the instead of the

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