How Many Likes Can This Post Get?? (Commentary)

Album 68 Correction
Morrie Speculation
Art for “Take Every Thought Captive”
“Push the Red Button” (Live) Club Date
“Push the Red Button (Live)” for Free on
Source: Nathan Hoobler and Bob Hoose (via AIO Insider), June 2019 Clubhouse Magazine

5 thoughts on “How Many Likes Can This Post Get?? (Commentary)

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    Someone figured out the red herring part! *clapclapclap* Nicely done Lee and Riley! You guys keep bringing the good stuff to the AIO fandom. Also you bet I’m staying up to listen to that episode, it’s only been like, what 6 months of waiting?
    And finally, we stan that new outro.

  2. Morrie’s plan has to involve the Imagination Station! Only the Green Ring Conspiracy has not involved this. Or will it? But is Morrie working with the Chairman? It’s possible. I don’t know. But if involves the IS, then it can’t be just him. It maybe the Chairman, or a character like the Chairman. Blackgaard could even be involved in this, I mean, we didn’t even find his cane. And if Jack Allen survived….
    Sorry, but my main point is is that I hope the Rydell Saga (or as I have called it, the Rydell Enigma) has to involve the IS.

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