Initial Reaction to “Rightly Dividing” (commentary)

Spoiler Warning! Contains clips from the episode.

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  1. I listened to this episode, knowing what that somehow, someway, there would be Sarah Keimig, who was the former co-host of the Unofficial Odyssey Podcast, story, knowing all about it, and it was fine. I was listening with my mom, and she said she found Declan rather annoying.

  2. “Can I try writing one?”
    yeah, that’s all of us. XD your initial reactions are great, as always *high fives*

  3. I actually enjoyed this episode, although I agreed that the moral is a repeat. So glad they’re having Lu as a regular character, she adds another dimension that Odyssey really hasn’t had before.
    Also… you might be interested to know that the character of Declan is played by Debbi Derryberry, who also voiced… Jimmy Neutron!

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