Initial Reaction to “Man of the House” (commentary)

Spoiler Warning! Contains clips from the episode.

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  1. How come there’s only two comments on this post? Also, I loved this episode very much. Though I am thankful that I am not in the Perkins’ situation, I do feel sorry for them. Also, just realized this, but is Odyssey repeating the Barclays? Cause, in both Wyatt’s and Lawrence’s cases, their fathers are both in the military, and because of that their fathers aren’t around much. So they turn to another family. Lawrence, the Barclays. Wyatt, the Parkers. Just noticing, that’s all.

    1. 3rd comment: And if Odyssey’s repeating itself, then where’s the Lucy? Emily Jones maybe. Lucy’s family did disappear while she stayed on. Just like the Jones.

  2. I enjoyed this episode, but I thought the transitions were a bit choppy. However, I really do like the character of Wyatt, and like how they’re using his family.

    I also did see the similarity between Jimmy/Lawrence and Matthew/Wyatt, but as long as they don’t repeat the same storylines, I think it’s good to have this duo work together to flesh out some healthy older/younger kid situations.

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