Further from the Truth – Unofficial Trailer 1

Read the full fan-made script: “Futher from the Truth” by Lee Acim

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      1. I mean, sure, he *could* be alive but I think the writers would have problems with bringing him back. In the Novacom behind-the-scenes, all the writers thought of making Blackgaard the chairman, but decided against it, mainly because it would feel like evil would never be defeated.

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    1. This is when Regis Blackgaard finally comes back! Jack survived the explosion, being blown out one direction and Regis was blown in a different direction, going through a thin tunnel wall into another one that no one else knew about. He then escaped through the tunnels (we know from the books that he knows his way around the tunnels) and has finally started working on trying to get the Ruku virus again – through Morrie.

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      1. The thing is, if they connected the Blackgaard Chronicles to Morrie, it would take some of the powerfulness away from both arcs. I would feel the impact of the Blackgaard Chronicles lessened and the Morrie arc would feel like it is trying to rehash the same things over again. I would probably like both arcs less if connected. I *do* feel that the Blackgaard Chronicle books, which Phil Lollar confirmed are canon, are building up to some plot twist. Maybe, I am wrong. I do not think they’ll connect Morrie to Blackgaard. They even verified that Morrie’s parents are no characters that we know so that rules out some possibilities :p

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