Full Album 68 Episode Order (Commentary with Hannah Morgan)

…And I cannot find who predicted “Surprise for the Wise” as the title! Please point me to the comment!
Also shout-out to Jacob Isom for no apparent reason.
Source: AIOClub (via Hannah Morgan)

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  1. I am pretty sure that “Always Home” is the nostalgic episode written by Marshal Younger. It could be Wyatt’s father returning.
    Sam Suksiri is leaving…?! :((

    1. We… we messed up. We really messed up. 😮 Great catch!
      And yeah, he’s leaving. I found out a while ago but wasn’t sure if I should publicize it. Now with the release date of his final episode, I guess we can talk about it.

      1. Idk what would be so nostalgic about a Perkins family episode?? I feel like they’re gonna do something else.
        aw, that’s sad about Sam Suksiri. He’s a great writer!
        @AIOINSIDER said that the episode would be called Surprise for the Wise.

  2. So I looked up “nostalgia” and it’s a longing or remembering of the past…
    Could this episode bring some character(s) from the past back to odyssey? Or close up an old storyline? Or have a character go back and fill in some details of a past episode? And if that’s the case… will it tie in somehow to the Rydell saga?

    Maybe I’m getting too excited about the idea of something from odyssey past, and it’s just going to be something that will make us think about the past…

    1. same here. My imagination has been thinking about Leonard & Everett on default because I relistened to “The Top Floor” last week. Marshal Younger wrote most of Leonard’s episodes, too….
      i think something or someone will return, though.

      1. I’d love a Leonard and/or Everett comeback! There was so little about Everett.
        Phil Proctor is doing Detective Polehouse currently on AIO, so there’s possibility for Leonard to come back some time.

        1. this is also a great time for that theory of richard maxwell being related to the rydells playing out somehow, although that’s looking rather moot at this point.

      2. highkey though, Richard has personal connections to Buck, not Morrie. pretty sure they were both basically raised by skint. as for morrie, i don’t think his parents will be very important.

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