[extra] Final Predictions for “Further from the Truth”

No, I haven’t heard it yet. My dad has, though.

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  1. I was listening to the saga all the way through yesterday, and caught some things I hadn’t caught before. I didn’t get to listen to A Sacrificial Escape and Further From the Truth again, so I’ll do that this evening. Without spoilers or anything, I do agree there is likely a tie in with Blackgaard or Novacom or both. Which makes me now wanna go back and listen to both sagas again and then return to the Rydell saga to see if I can get something. Doubt I will, but not 100% sure since there is at least 10 year gap in between Novacom and now. I’m basing that on the death on Tom Riley cause I’m guessing he died a five or so years after Novacom, and in Legacy he’s been gone several years. My brain is shooting in many directions.

    1. My brain is going haywire with this saga! I am definitely going to re-listen to the Novacom Saga. There’s no way they are going to connect the Rydell Saga to Blackgaard…if they do, I will be so upset.

      1. I’m not thinking Blackgaard specifically, but people related to the Blackgaard Chronicles e.g. Phillip Glossman. I’m gonna wait a two to three weeks for continuous play on the club app before I listen to any saga though.

  2. I listened to WODFAMCHOCPOD’s review of A Sacrificial Escape, and I literally thought the same that Morrie suggested that Suzu go with Emily and Matthew to the escape room.
    Also, I didn’t realize that you would bring that theory back at the end. It makes sense, but I’m holding out for Blackgaard still.

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