REVIEW — “Love is in the Air, Part 1”

Ryan Matlock joins us here on AIO Audio News for a new review series. Today, we’re starting with “Love is in the Air, Part 1.” Why? Because it’s Part 1!

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  1. Really loved this! “Love is in the Air” is a classic, and I cannot wait to hear you guys review part 2! Lee, you’re so dedicated, to record a podcast with the flu.

  2. I have some more interesting Morrie theories and an interesting question: I heard your previous podcast where you mentioned that AIO recording that talked about Morrie’s mysterious history and how he was on the edge between doing the right thing, or going over to the dark side. I also know that on the official podcast, they said that all of this would be coming to a conclusion, or “revelation.” I noticed that the Official Podcast said that that episode “might not be what you’re thinking it will be” and that “this doesn’t mean that Morrie is not going to be on the program anymore,” implying that Morrie would be in future episodes and that there are more parts to the Morrie saga. Here are a few possibilities of what this means, at least for me:
    1. Morrie is not the mysterious voice!
    2. Morrie is, but there is a lot more to it, and as a result, he does not get arrested!
    3. He does get arrested, like Buck, and like Buck, he returns in a few albums.
    4. Unlike the episode “Exit,” this episode is not an episode where the bad guys get arrested. In stead, this episode is more of a revelation episode with flashback scenes of Morrie’s life before moving to Odyssey and also scenes that repeat events from previous Morrie episodes, like “the Key Suspect,” Writer’s Ruse, “the Good in People” and “a Sacrificial Escape,” but from Morrie’s point of view. As a result, we learn that Morrie was actually trying to do the right thing/stop the bad guys, but was being pulled or forced toward the dark side by someone bigger.
    5. Morrie is the villain, but if the episode is a flashback/revelation episode, Morrie, or whoever the voice is, does not get arrested, at least not yet. In stead, this particular episode is more focused on explaining what Morrie is up to and why he does the things he does, and Whit, Matthew and Emily figure it out and arrest him, and anyone else who he may be working with, in a later episode.
    I really do think that at least 1 of those possibilities, or something else that I haven’t thought of yet, must be true, or close to the truth, considering what the Official Podcast said!

    All of that said, I know that you have mentioned that you do not want any more fake mysteries. It sounds like your primary reason is because you want answers. However, I am wondering, how would you feel if future Morrie episodes, after the conclusion/revelation episode, still contained more fake mysteries? Would it change your feelings about future post/revelation episode fake mysteries if, for example, that revelation episode was the next episode in the saga and as a result, you know why he would be setting up those fake mysteries and what he is up to? Even if you don’t think that AIO would do that, I am wondering how you would feel, if, theoretically, they were to go in that direction with the revelation episode being the next episode and then back to more fake mysteries, since at least you would have a lot more answers? If interested, you could consider doing another podcast that discusses this and any other theories that have come out since “Further from the Truth!” Also, Are you still planning to discuss that whole “Writers Ruse,” and Matthew and Emily’s friendship being threatened thing, on a future podcast? I am talking about my comment a while back about that part of the summary for album 63. You said that you could not discuss it until after “Further from the Truth” was released. Maybe, if interested, you could discuss that on that same Morrie theory podcast as well!

  3. I haven’t heard the review yet, but I am planning to.
    There’s a glitch on the Soda Shop and I wasn’t able to share this there, so I’ll share it here. Sorry for the unrelated comment, but I think this is pretty significant…


    Long-held secrets are uncovered and major revelations are commonplace in Adventures in Odyssey Album 69: Best Kept Secrets. Listeners have long wondered about Morrie Rydell’s plans for the kids in Odyssey. All will be revealed and questions will be answered in these episodes. Elsewhere, Jules’s mother suddenly arrives in Odyssey to take Jules back to California, maybe for good. What will happen to Jules, her newfound musical career, and her friends back in Odyssey?

    1. Ha I admit it I finally found the time to listen. You guys are just hilarious. Love all the references… especially IT’S CHRISTIAAAANNN!!!

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