“Young Whit and the Revolutionary Secret” Released, Album 69 Updates, and Other Podcasts

See the cover for Album 69: AIOWiki
Odyssey Moments Podcast: WordPress, Anchor.fm
Austin on Audio Theatre Central
Source: Adventures in Odyssey Club, Carl, ChristianBook.com

5 thoughts on ““Young Whit and the Revolutionary Secret” Released, Album 69 Updates, and Other Podcasts

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  1. I’m so excited about all the content!! Thanks for all the hard work!! I think I can speak for all the fans when I say we really appreciate what you do! I’m going to listen to the review for “Do, for a Change” sometime soon 🙂
    I’d love to hear some of your initial reactions/reviews with Hannah for album 68.


  2. Yay for more content! So excited to hear your thoughts on the preview.
    I heard it and it was very interesting……. I would definitely love to hear your initial reactions to Album 68 episodes & more AioWiki Podcasts! Thank you!! 😁


  3. Thanks for the shout out, Lee! I really appreciate it! And I’m glad you enjoyed it! In the next podcast episode I will be having a chat with the artist who did the art for the Odyssey Moments logo!

    Also, I love the content you put out, keep it up!

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  4. Along the lines of new posts, I think it would be interesting if you discussed the connection between the Blackgaard Chronicles and the Young Whit books. I’ve been reading them and listened to the Blackgaard saga recently, so I have some theories of my own.


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