REVIEW — “Do, for a Change”

Ryan returns to Audio News for the third review in the post-Blackgaard series, “Do, for a Change.” It’s a strange one for Eugene.

Okay, well, who wants cheesecake?

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  1. I’m excited to hear your review of “What Are You Gonna Do with Your Life?”!

    Fan mail to both of you: AIO Audio News Reviews / Reviews with Ryan / AIO Audio News in general is my favourite AIO podcast! I like it better than the WODFAMCHOCPOD and the AIO Wiki Podcast.

  2. HAHAHAH!!!! while listening to the first part and then the loud music came on it scared me and my sister!!

    1. Hi Carl! I might be able to, but I’m not sure if now’s the best time to ask Nathan if I can give you his contact info. Last I talked with him, he seemed pretty busy. Maybe you can check back with me in a little while?

  3. Another great review! Although I was surprised at no mention of stale bread sticks. I guess cheesecake is a GOOD distraction.

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