AIOC Interview Questions

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out!
    I might have missed a few news tidbits. I’ll check through my screenshots of Dave Arnold and Bob Smithouser’s replies.

  2. i asked the question about Morries family so here is a clarification. I asked if anyone in his family other than Suzu would appear in the Rydell Revelations, and he responded “Yes”.

  3. OK did anyone listen to AIO live to hear the preview of Rydell Revelations? I’m looking forward to hearing people’s thoughts!

    1. I did. And I have thoughts.
      I think that Morrie is trying to create suspicion around Emily, so when she says that he was behind the Escape Room escapade, nobody will believe her, pointing back to what Lee said about Morrie bringing the bad out of Emily.
      Or… it could mean that, if what Morrie’s saying is true, that he has trapped Whit in the virtual escape room that we see in FFtT. If this was the case, Whit would likely escape at either the end of the first part, or sometime in the second, allowing a revelation about Morrie to take place thereafter.

      1. Hmm that’s interesting. A connection I noticed is that in FFtT,
        Suzu mentioned that it was strange that Emily’s adventure involved a kidnapping. Well Morrie’s story about a kidnapping seems rather similar… this could be a clue that Morrie is behind the mysterious invention. Particularly if your theory is correct and Morrie is attempting to make Emily look bad.

  4. I really enjoyed listening to the livestream! it was really fun and I came up with some new theories!😁
    It was very helpful to hear them all back to back. And man, that preview! Oh my goodness! Quite intriguing! 🤯

  5. This was awesome!! I am excited for all of the new things coming to AIO. Although, I am interested to see how things go down with Matthew and Emily stopping to do cases together. Thanks for the info.! 🙂
    -kaelyn 😀

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