“Playing Favorites” — Initial Reaction and Review

20 thoughts on ““Playing Favorites” — Initial Reaction and Review

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  1. “Taking Every Thought Captive” was a club episode, maybe Odyssey thought that it would put listeners off if Valerie was suddenly nice.


    1. So there used to be this restaurant by where I live, and their whole deal was that they’re rude to their customers. People would go there to get sassed on purpose because they thought it was funny. Maybe Burger World is copycatting that now.


                1. It was all right. I a couple issues with Horus’s mom, the pacing, and the music, but I’m quite pleased at Smithouser’s first solo script! Production-wise, however, and with regard to a few points in the script, I think it needed a bit more time in the oven.


  2. Actually my sources say that Mays club episode is most likely “The Martyr and the Rooster”. I am sticking by this rather than “Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles.


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