Even More AIOC Interview Questions, Books for Pre-Order

Cover of “Knight’s Scheme”Cover of “Degrees of Kelvin”
Pre-order Knight’s Scheme: Amazon.com | ChristianBook.com
Pre-order Degrees of Kelvin: Amazon.com | ChristianBook.com
Source: AIOC (via ASmouseInTheHouse), Amazon.com (via ASmouseInTheHouse and JD Sutter [ATC])

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  1. Here is another Morrie Rydell theory to consider talking about on a future podcast: I remember about how in the Key Suspect, there was the mystery of how the locker opener got into the school and opened the lockers. I remember that we found out that the locker opener had entered the school through a window at night, and that he used a master key to opened the lockers. I also remember that supposedly, Dion was behind it all, but wasn’t really. Here is an interesting theory: what if, not only was the idea that Dion was behind it all fake, but also, the master key and the window? Here is an explanation of what I mean: What if, the lockers were not really being opened with a master key, but remotely, similar to A Sacrificial Escape? Also, what if the locker opener never really entered the school at all, but opened the lockers from, say, his home? What if, he, or someone else working for him, did mess with that one window, but it was all part of a trick to turn Matthew and Emily onto a false trail, a trail that made them think he was getting in through the window and using the master key, but actually, he was more clever than they thought? I remember how they said in the keysuspect that “mysteriously nobody opened any of the lockers in that hallway,” meaning that the lockers might have been opened remotely? How much of this theory do you think makes sense? What do you agree or disagree with? Maybe, you could consider also talking about other new Morrie theories that might have come up as well on that same episode!

    1. Again, ain’t Lee, but I have thoughts.
      I don’t believe that lockers, especially ones with combination locks and even a key that can open it, would also be able to open digitally. And the way the lockers sound, they sound like regular lockers (that I imagine is colored green or gray,), which are older ones, rather than newer with keypads.

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