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Originally titled “AIOWiki Podcast #25”

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      1. Hah, I know! I listened to the intro and then the clip, I was wondering thenwhole time if it was fake ore real, but unfortunately I found out it was real after I posted a comment.😂

  1. It might just be me, but it seems like with every Morrie episode, fans had thought that they knew what Morrie was upto, or thought that the next episode would be the one where we get answers. I know that, at least until now, they were always proven wrong! As a result, here are some more, unpopular, Garrett, predictions. 1. Morrie is innocent, or at least partly innocent. He is not the bad guy, and, as a result, he will not get arrested! 2. Morrie is not lying, or making up in any way, about Emily kidnapping Suzu! 3. Morrie might not be behind everything!

    1. Just to let you know, Garrett, you can keep making predictions about the upcoming episodes, but it seems a little bit like you’re asking for credit if the predictions come true. I know I made a big deal about the last episode, but that was partly because I didn’t end up liking it. These predictions are actually ones that Arista and I have discussed on podcast before, and if you end up predicting the same thing as us, then more power to you! I’m just not going to make a big deal about it in a news post, just so you know.

  2. Hey Lee, will you release the interview with Phil Lollar before or after “The Rydell Revelations, Part 1?”

  3. I know that some of you think that Morrie was makeing up everything about Emily kidnapping Suzu, and you might be right, but lets assume, theoretically, that Morrie was not making any of it up. In that case, why do you think that Emily would do it?

    1. That’s easy. Emily investigated Morrie and discovered that Suzu was a more likely suspect than him. When she confronted Suzu, Emily became convinced that Suzu was the one harassing her, and Emily attacked Suzu out of anger.

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