Rydell, Part 8: “The End Game” — Group Reaction and Review

Allie Barrett (The AIOWiki Podcast)
Ryan Matlock (The Odyssey ScoopCast)
Timmy Baze (AIOWiki)
Carl Reed (Odyssey News)
Wyatt Jackson (Adventures Into Odyssey)
Grace and Heaven (The Raspberry Ripple Podcast)
“JaySmouse” (AIOpinions)
Riley Davison (The AIO Insider)

SPOILER WARNING: Full spoiler warning for “The Rydell Revelations, Part 2.” Spoilers are also permitted (and encouraged!) in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Rydell, Part 8: “The End Game” — Group Reaction and Review

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  1. Why would Tasha be working in the Jap embassy UNLESS Morrie and/or Raymond were/are being investigated for something! Tasha must have been working undercover investigating the Rydell fam (Whit too?). If Whit was in on the case, he’d be perfect cause Raymond trusts his kids with Whit.


  2. Here is my theories that I posted on “The Soda Shop Message Boards”:
    So I have two Tasha Forbes theories No.1 is more probable and No.2 is less.

    No.1: Tasha was investigating the Rydell’s in Japan because of the “under goings” at the embassy.
    No.2: The “under goings” have something to do with terrorism, since ,as I remember, Tasha mainly deals in terrorism cases. If I’m right I’ll literally scream.

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  3. 1, i have mad respect for the editing
    2, “we love tasha” in the same breath “if the story had meaning for her to die” nice going
    3, the predictions aged so well
    4, your validation reactions. that’s it send tweet
    5, okay, but whit being able to do that to morrie does not sit right for some reason
    6, “well i COULD be a good or ship him to ODYSSEY” don’t mind me i’m quoting this
    7, listen, we say that if their motive is just for fun it doesn’t seem to make sense, but here we are reacting to these episodes for about the same reason
    8, it’s a thumb
    9, why are we all talking about jason when he wasn’t even mentioned? i think it’s hilarious and i’ve done it, but still
    10, we need a suzu backstory, her character’s too interesting to leave being just a background character
    11, it be like that sometimes

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