Rydell, Part 7: “Revelations” — Group Reaction and Review

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SPOILER WARNING: Full spoiler warning for “The Rydell Revelations, Part 1.” Spoilers are also permitted (and encouraged!) in the comments.

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  1. Ok, so I actually haven’t listened to part 1 yet. I only know things from what I have heard on sites like this podcast, but I have a theory. What if Morrie is lying about Emily kidnapping Suzu, but both Emily and Suzu were still kidnapped, but by Mrs. Mado? Does Mrs. Mado seem suspicious enough to do it? Maybe Morrie was lying to protect Mrs. Mado? Maybe Mrs. Mado became like family to Morrie since his mom died, and Morrie was on the edge of whether or not to expose her and do the right thing, or to go along with and cover up the things that Mrs. Mado was doing? Can any of you think of a reason why that theory can’t be true? Do you still think that Morrie was making up everything, including the recording?

  2. Thanks for letting me record with you Lee! Aside from my voice being really high and squeaky that day, I think it turned out great!!

          1. When I heard that Suzu said ,” We would have never let anything happen to you!” I literally choked. I had just popped some food in my mouth and then I started choking 😂

  3. Okay, I feel the need to get my theory out, so that why if it becomes true, then there’ll be a date to prove that I said this first.
    Okay, here we go….

    Jordan Windward is in fact the Mysterious Voice.
    Let me explain. Now, I will not take a side on whether or not Morrie’s the Mysterious Voice, or if it’s AI Morrie, so I will refer to Morrie as Morrie’s Voice.
    Morrie’s Voice in A Sacrificial Escape was modulated. We all know this, as Lee did his reverse audio engineering. I have listened to the Good in People, and A Sacrificial Escape, and have noticed that they (Jordan and the Voice) sound very similar. Now, I get that there was a different actor playing Jordan, but the Mysterious Voice is too much like Jordan’s that I think that the sound designers would’ve kept them different. So my thought is that they brought in the separate actor, and then, the Inspiration, that was mentioned in the Album 67 Q&A, came, and part of it was “Jordan Windward is Morrie,” or something along those lines. So, in A Sacrificial Escape, they made Atticus’ voice as similar as possible to Jordan’s, as, of course, they couldn’t get the original actor, so they used Atticus’.

    I hope this all makes sense. If they is anything you want to point out about my theory, please tell me. I need a good discussion.

    P.S. Is Morrie saying “Good,” a reference to Palpatine?
    “Good Anakin….Kill him. Kill him now.”
    “Good! Your hate has made you powerful.”
    Just a thought.

    1. My response to Jordan being the mysterious voice: What if, in stead of Jordan, it is Mrs. Mado, or Morrie’s mom? What if Morrie’s mom has been alive this whole time, and set up some of those fake mysteries, like the escaperoom and the cobble box, to try to expose Mrs. Mado? Or it could be Mrs. Mado! I am making those into hashtags! #MrsMadoIsTheMysteriousVoice ! #MorriesMomIsTheMysteriousVoice ! There! I have made my predictions of what will happen! I want the record to state that Garrett, also made this prediction on july 20, 2020, that either Mrs. Mado or Morrie’s mom is the mysterious voice!

  4. I couldn’t find a way to contact you, so I’m just putting it here. If you need or want another person to review part 2, I’d love to! I’ve actually never been on a podcast before, and I had a lot of theories and questions for this episode, and probably part 2 as well. I understand if I can’t, but I would really enjoy doing it.

  5. I have another question. This is mainly to start a discussion. I want to hear your theories! So I noticed that the description for “Rydell Revelations” part 2 basically said that Whit reveals the backstory behind all of Morrie’s games and fake mysteries throughout Odyssey. What do you think is in that backstory that would have motivated Morrie to set up fake mysteries to “bring out the good in people?” Also, Yes, I know that I have suggested that Mrs. Mado might be guilty. I suggested that she might be behind some of the things in Odyssey. She might be the mastermind behind Morrie, or there might be something where Morrie is not behind some things, but in stead, it is Mrs. Mado. That, or Morrie’s mom is alive and she was behind some of those things! I know that I suggested that Morrie’s Mom might be secretly trying to point clues through fake mysteries to try to expose the truth about Mrs. Mado. Maybe Mrs. Mado is holding Morrie and Suzu captive and lying to them about Morrie’s mom being dead? I have been thinking of the description for part 3, the part about secrets about “the past” finally being revealed. Could some of those secrets include that Morrie’s mom was alive the whole time, and Morrie and Suzu do not know it because Mrs. Mado has been lying and keeping secrets from Morrie? Yes, there might be some truth to these theories, however, that is not the only theory that I am entertaining. At first, I did not think that part 1 would be another fake mystery since the episode title was “The Rydell Revelations!” I did think at first that all of it was true! I also know that I have even made some prediction comments about it. From what I have heard, though, I now have to wonder if it is possible that Rydell Revelations part 1 might actually be another fake mystery. Maybe all that with Morrie saying that Emily kidnapped Suzu might be fake? Maybe Morrie also made up the part about Emily investigating him? Maybe Emily never really thought that it was Morrie to begin with? Maybe part 2 begins with Morrie admitting all of this to Whit, and then Whit sits Morrie down and says something like, “I suspected you from the beginning and have been doing my own investigation, and I know your backstory!” He then starts telling the backstory saying something like, “I know about what happened to your friend! I know that your friend was kidnapped and that you were disappointed and that it caused you to question if people were good or not!” Maybe the whole episode, or a lot of it is Whit narrating the backstory with some flashback scenes with characters in that backstory? What do you think. Do any of you think that it is possible that part 1 might be a fake mystery? Do you think that it is possible that the writers thought that it would be fun to plan it this way, with one last fake mystery surprise before everything gets revealed? Maybe, for a grand conclusion to all of the fake mysteries, they decided to have elements of all of the different fan theories in the episode, to make fans think that their theories are all coming true? Only, it turns out that, the end of part 1 was right and it was all fake? Maybe, as well as confirming that it was all fake, part 2 reveals that all of Morrie’s fake mysteries were something completely different than fans were expecting? Maybe parts 2 and 3 reveal that some of the mysteries that have been happening around Odyssey have absolutely nothing to do with Morrie, Suzu, or their family? Do you think that all of this is at least possible? I am asking any fans who are interested to tell me their theories about Morrie’s backstory and if it is possible for the “Rydell Revelations, part 1, fake mystery theory,” as I call it, to be correct!

    1. I’ll bring this up tomorrow, but this ties in to what I told Ben Warren about “Further from the Truth” on Twitter: It’s not that our expectations were too high for FFTT, but that it was objectively not a good episode. Both of us have detailed why exactly that is, and part of the problem is the reliance on the fake mystery. If the recordings in “Revelations, Part 1” end up being fake and contrived by Morrie, that’s not good. It’s not fun, it’s poor storytelling, and it makes the majority of the first part a waste of time. Messing with your audience like that is bad storytelling because it lessens 1) the credibility of anything you write in the future to your audience, and 2) lessens your credibility as a talented writer who can write good stories.

      I’m willing to go by the theory that Mrs. Rydell is still alive. Her death does not play a pivotal emotional role in the story yet, and we have reasons to mistrust Mrs. Mado, our only source to know of her death. I also like the idea that Whit narrates most of Part 2, or that Part 2 is mostly in flashback. However, making all of Emily’s recordings fake is also certainly possible, but it is the WORST CASE SCENARIO. I have no doubt that “Revelations, Part 2” will receive the lowest rating I’ve ever given if it attempts this.

      I really hope you don’t actually believe this is what’ll happen, Garrett, because if it turns out that “the writers thought that it would be fun to plan it this way,” I’m quitting Odyssey. The blow was hard enough to make me take a two-month hiatus back in January, and if it’s revealed that the writers have been gaming me this way, exploiting my emotions and expectations just to say “Surprise! We got you,” then that’s the worst story they could possibly tell. There’s no impact, no fallout, no emotional connection to real characters; just a useless, boring audio drama. I’ll feel betrayed. And I don’t want to feel that.

      1. Though I agree mostly on the fake mystery of Further From the Truth, I still think that our expectations, coming off of the best episode in the Rydell Saga (perhaps besides Rydell Revelations, but we’ll see how that goes). And, I think now, it’s not a great episode, but once we are able to listen to all of them together, it’ll be like, “Yeah, this episode takes us from A Sacrificial Escape to the Rydell Revelations, and it might not be a great of a episode, but neither were some episodes in Novacom and Blackgaard.” And maybe this is because I’m not as invested into this as others, but I think that initially, for me, Further From the Truth was a disappointment, but now I’m like (and here strikes the debate) “It’s actually a decent episode.” I’m sorry that we disagree, but that is my opinion.
        And also, while you say that fake mysteries are bad, I think in the grand scheme of things, it creates more conflict, as Morrie (or whoever was behind the adventure) is shown to mess with Emily, or to create a virtual world that, if reworked, can be a eternal prison. So I, personally, think it works. But again, this is my opinion. And I’ve already written up a review for it, in case I record a podcast where I review it, so there’s no changing my mind (though challenging my thinking is a different ballgame).

  6. i am so incensed that i had to miss this because this was *chef’s kiss* a masterpiece. stupid tech issues. looking forward to catching your responses later this week because i’m really hoping they don’t mess this up like FFTT too.

  7. Can I just say…
    “We would never let anything happen to you.”

    It supports my Suzu is evil theory.

    But now I have a new theory. Mrs Rydell is supposed to be dead. Mr Rydell works at the US embassy in Japan. Most likely he does some kind of government work. What if something went wrong that ended in Mrs Rydell’s death and Morrie and Suzu were put in the Witness Protection program and Morrie is attempting to Jared Dewight this thing and get help?

    Okay that’s a bit of a stretch, but that’s where my mind was going lol

  8. I have a question, and I just want a yes or no answer to this, but do we actually find out whether Morrie is behind either “a Sacrificial Escape” or “Further from the Truth” in “Revelations” part 2, or do you think that that might be in part 3?

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