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  1. I have a thought that you could consider talking about on the podcast or mentioning to Phil, or any of the other writers, maybe as part of a post Revelations Q&A. I noticed that Phil said that not all questions would be answered in Rydell Revelations, there would be some questions that are unanswered. He also said that there were some scenes that were cut from the episodes. I know that, with a big saga like this, a lot of people will still have questions. Do you think that it is possible that Phil could work those things and deleted scenes into future post Revelations Morrie episodes? Maybe he could consider either having those deleted scenes be flashback moments in future episodes, or there are lines here and there throughout those future episodes about those things? AIO would not have to do an entire episode about just one question, if they don’t want to. They could consider just having one line in the episode where, for example, Suzu asks Morrie something like, “Did you have anything to do with [The Key Suspect]?” and Morrie gives an honest answer of, “Yes.” or “No.” Then you move on with the rest of the episode. Maybe Rydell Revelations could be like the beginning of the revelation phase of the Rydell saga, rather than RR being the only revelation episode, and the writers would spend future Morrie episodes answering as many questions as possible? Lee, You do not have to talk about this on the podcast or with Phil, if you do not want to. You could consider, at least, replying to my comment, letting me know if future post Revelations Morrie episodes continuing to answer questions could work, and if not, why it wouldn’t work.

  2. Yes, Lee, unless you can think of a reason why it would not work, I would think that the writers would have plenty of future Morrie episodes to work as many of those questions out as possible!

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