RECAP — Week of August 23

The AIO Oddcast 
An Adventure Through Odyssey 
The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast 
Adventures Into Odyssey 
Adventures in Absurdity 
The ODYHEYR Podcast 
Return to Odyssey 
Sisters in Odyssey 
The Raspberry Ripple Podcast 
The Odyssey News Podcast 
AIO Audio News 

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      1. Yeah, but also Gentry took what you said about him as an insult. Besides, I was more referring to “review/commentary/let’s-just-say-the-episode-in-our-own-words.” But down worry, we’ve just recorded an episode (it will be releasing on Sept. 8th though) and we say our ratings.

  1. I’ve heard 6/12 of these podcasts this week during my spare time. There are so many! I haven’t even heard of some of these before. Thanks for keeping us updated, Lee!

  2. Lee btw the link above to my website goes to, a completely different website. My website url is

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