REVIEW — “The Ties That Bind, Part 1”


Ryan is back again to begin a long-anticipated review series of “The Ties That Bind,” starting with Part 1.  As the fourteen-parter opens, we discuss how this episode sets up a lot of storylines, if Paul McCusker’s writing holds up, and whether Wooton or Penny (or Hadley) is more unbearable by the end.  And this all ties into Biblical marriage somehow?  Let’s find out.

Please note that we do talk candidly about the themes and issues brought up in these episodes.

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  1. (Lee: “[LEGO Batman Movie]…and then there’s also, what’s her name, in their too-“)
    🎵I just died in your arms tonight!🎵 🤣
    Also, I must say, that it is saddening to now have every arc/saga in Adventures in Odyssey covered.

  2. Woah, this is super timely; I’ve been thinking about this album a ton lately, particularly in terms of the themes and the way they were presented. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing this review and I look forward to part 2! I actually heard these episodes shortly after they were released on CD in late 2014. I was like 10-11 and I didn’t realize these episodes were about homosexuality and even transgenderism because they didn’t use those terms. These episodes did, however, make me appreciate family, gender, God’s design for them. The themes struck a chord with me as no other themes had at that point in my life. I always felt more pious and devoted to my faith whenever I listened to them. I still often think about David Parker’s line about how love is more than feelings (such a great line) and that shaped my thinking forever.

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