AIOWiki Podcast 30

Since 2017, the AIOWiki Podcast has grown from an experimental mixture of news and reviews to one of the most popular Adventures in Odyssey fan podcasts. Now, after three-and-a-half years of views, reviews, news, and interviews, the podcast has come to an end. Lee and Arista reflect on the past thirty editions and all that happened behind the scenes in this final edition of the AIOWiki Podcast.

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  1. The End of an Era. A good look back on the past three years. Also, Arista was 13, and Lee, you were 15?! Amazing… Also, “I was listening to other podcasts and I was like, ‘I could do that.’” I’m pretty much like that with mine, so at least I have hope that I could make a good podcast. Or maybe I shouldn’t. Eh, who knows.
    Anyway, all I can say is, keep on keeping on. Either that or, Keep Calm and Podcasting. 😂 And I will look forward to whatever you decide to do, Odyssey or whatnot.

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