REVIEW — “The Ties That Bind, Part 4”

The story continues, and so do the themes, in Part 4 of The Ties That Bind.  Ryan and I go into our thoughts on a few hilarious lines, how Paul McCusker’s theology is presented by his characters, the progression of the plotlines so far, Whit’s spiritual radar, and vilifying the opposition.

Please note that we do talk candidly about the themes and issues brought up in these episodes.

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  1. Hey all! I was having some trouble zero-passing this recording because of a new effect in my audio editor I used. Would you be able to tell me if our voices end up out of sync and where? Thanks!

  2. As an idea for the intro, you could say what you plan to talk about about the episode sort of like the Inner Tube’s intros (

  3. With what you said about the length of reviews, I would actually be disappointed if your episodes were under 1.5 hours.
    An awesome finale for this review arc would be an interview with Paul McCusker on part 14!

  4. I’m so glad you guys are covering this album! It’s not easy content to review, but you are doing an excellent job. Some really important conversations are being had here, and I just…THANK YOU!!!

  5. Oh my gosh!! I didn’t realize how often Whit has been acting out of character in the last several albums until you started pointing it out. I’m really starting to have a problem with a lot of the choices they’ve made. I still love the classics, but the new episodes are getting worse and worse.

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