REVIEW — “The Right Choice, Part 2” (ft. Hannah Matlock)

The oft referenced but rarely featured Hannah Matlock joins her husband and me to review the second episode in this fascinating two-parter, “The Right Choice, Part 2.” Now that both parts are in, we assess Eugene’s behavior and its lasting implications, Katrina’s reactions to the situation, and how Whit’s storyline provides a curious parallel to the main plot. And also roosters. And organic food.

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  1. “If it’s Phil Lollar’s will for Morrie to be right…”
    Yeah. Yeah. Yeah… Sadly I think it is. And Phil I think has more leeway with Odyssey because he co-created it, so it’s happening…
    And no, I’ve not listened to your predictions about Part 10 as of the writing of this comment, so if you say that in their, then perhaps Odyssey fan think alike.

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