THOUGHTS — What Will Happen in Rydell, Part 10?

12 thoughts on “THOUGHTS — What Will Happen in Rydell, Part 10?

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  1. In addition to Cristina Pucelli alluding to it, Nathan Hoobler also mentioned that “unexpected characters” will be featured in LCTWTO (via The AIO Insider).

    Plot twist: Nicholas Adamsworth is the one behind the phone scam. 🙂

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  2. Hmm… Very interesting; very interesting.
    I didn’t think that this is what the episode would be. A cell phone scam? I hoped it’d be more light hearted and less dark. I, personally, think/hope that Morrie will be trying to make up with Emily, and Emily will just resent his antics to do so. But interesting thought about Matthew doing it. I don’t think he would, but who can know?
    Also, side note here, when you were saying, “Who is the one to set this up?” I thought you were going to say the Chairman. I guess I’m just too used to the days you thought Further From the Truth was going to be a big episode, when it was just a stepping stone (albeit, a sufficient stone).

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  3. I liked your thoughts on Rydell Part 10. We have to assume this is the last Rydell episode. It might not be, but we’re assuming so. Now that I consider it, the writers (mainly Phil Lollar) have disappointed us before by throwing mysterious lines to the scrap heap or having us overestimate them. Maybe someone will fall into a window well and call it spelunking (if you get the reference), So I think the real question is, who will fall? If it’s Emily, then all these things are possibilities, and the episode is likely Rydell, Part 10. If it’s Zoe or Olivia, it maybe is faith-related, or it could be deeper or shallower. What if it’s not even Zoey, Olivia, or Emily? It is only a one in three chance, and an even smaller one that Matthew is the cell phone scam guy or anything like that. It may be that I was so hugely disappointed with Revelations that I’m staying cautiously optimistic about this sequence of events. I just don’t want to be let down because I wasn’t too careful about what I got excited about. Of course, it could be Emily all along, and this whole thing could be called off. I’ll accept any ideas anyone else says, but I just don’t want to have any this time.

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    1. I mean, I’m not assuming that Part 10 is the final part. I think there’ll be more parts afterward. And the chances that Emily is the one of three are much higher than just a third. The fact that “The Christmas Bells” insists on being the episode directly chronologically before Rydell, Part 10 is telling. This hasn’t been done before on the club, releasing mainstream episodes out of order. The producers could have just made “The Christmas Bells” episode 905 instead, but they broke their own pattern in releasing it out of order just to preserve the numbering chronology.

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