REACTION — “Unrelatable” (ft. Hannah Morgan)

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  1. Great review! Thanks for the in-depth discussion. I do believe that the episode may have been written around when covid started because, on the official podcast, Marshal mentioned that they had to write episodes that had no outdoor scenes and fewer characters for remote recording.

  2. I honestly thought that because they kept saying that Connie had nothing to redeem (Spencer) and that she probably finds doing right “easy” that they were hinting that Connie might have something she regretted doing or not doing. (Also when I heard Spencer I immediately thought of Larry Melwood (the “geek” from “With a Little Help from My Friends”.). I wished Connie had said that she struggles to do right to show that although she may be a bit Unrelatable, she tries to follow God and though sometimes difficult does AND that makes her different.

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