REVIEW — “The Seven Deadly Dwarves” (ft. Lee Acim)

Lee Acim makes a surprising return to AIO Audio News to join Michael in reviewing the next episode of the post-Blackgaard arc, “The Seven Deadly Dwarves.”  The twins discuss Bethany’s telepathic storytelling powers, exegetical hermeneutics on the Biblical references, HAL 9000, and pulchritude.

Parental Warning: This podcast may not be suitable for listeners under the age of 3.

12 thoughts on “REVIEW — “The Seven Deadly Dwarves” (ft. Lee Acim)

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  1. Okay. Did you script this? I feel like you did, but I just wanted to be sure.. I also can surprisingly separate your voice from Lee’s voice, as weird as that sounds. There’s just a slight difference in tone that I can separate the two. Plus, I’m pretty sure you put the “Michael” voice more to the right, and “Lee” on the left. I could be wrong, though.
    Overall, impressive. Most impressive.

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