NEWS — New Rydell Saga Fan Script, Album 71 Title and Episode Names, March’s Club Episode, Another Fan Podcast

Read both of the Rydell Saga fan scripts:

Whit’s Up? An Adventures in Odyssey Podcast:

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  1. Okay, but let’s talk about Album 71. The fact that is starts off with “The Team” (which seriously, I’m getting Mando vibes with that title) makes me think that this may be similar in concept to Album 59: Taking the Plunge. Perhaps at the end of “The Team,” Emily rejects her faith, seeing as how her role model of the faith has fallen, and throughout the rest of the album reconciles with things that she’s been struggling with. Why, it could even be that she’s lost her faith in God because, from her view, “Why would God allow people to cause me harm and for Him to allow it?” Regardless, I am excited for this album. Even the idea of someone struggling with his or her faith is amazing for Odyssey to do.
    But anyway, those are my thoughts. What are your thoughts?
    Lee: “Well, definitely not hating Further From the Truth because, why would I say it—WHY DID I SAY IT?”
    Okey… Good talk…

  2. I’m excited that you’re continuing your arc! I read your Further from the Truth script when you first released it in 2019 and enjoyed it, so I’m glad you are picking up where it left off.
    I just finished reading “Drama and Conflict”. Excellent script! I especially liked the AIOWiki reference. 😉 I was slightly confused by the last scene, though.
    But overall, great job, and I look forward to seeing more!

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it! What specifically was confusing about the last scene? There’s more to the story, so I’m intentionally leaving it vague, but I don’t want it to be too confusing.

      1. I understand that it was meant to be vague, but I’m mainly confused as to whether Suzu’s mother and Charlotte Rydell are supposed to be two separate people. In the last scene, Morrie says “Suzu’s mother is still alive. And we’ll find her”. Who is Morrie referring to when he says this? Charlotte Rydell? Or someone else? From that line I got the impression that he’s referring to someone other than Charlotte. What does he mean by, “we’ll find her”? Why do they need to “find her”? Charlotte walks into the station in that same scene.
        So, who is this “Suzu’s mother” who’s “still alive” that Morrie is referring to? Is this “Suzu’s mother” not Charlotte Rydell? Throughout the script, it seems pretty clear that Charlotte is her mother: In an earlier scene, Suzu refers to Charlotte as “my mother”, and goes on about her having to raise both Morrie and her without Soren. Soren also threatens Suzu by saying to her, “I will call your mother”. Soren then proceeds to call Charlotte Rydell. But then at the end, Morrie speaks of “Suzu’s mother” as if it were someone else, saying she is “still alive” and that “we’ll find her”. Are they the same, or separate people? Some clarification would help.
        Also, in general, the way Morrie brought up Suzu’s mother and Whit responding with “I didn’t mean to kill her” seemed a bit sudden. Whit is talking about Morrie’s father, Soren, and then Morrie suddenly says “Suzu’s mother is still alive”. It felt a little bit random. Also, what did Whit mean by killing her?

        I’m not sure if I missed or misunderstood something in the script, but that was the main thing that I found confusing about the last scene.

        1. Excellent points. I’ll address the former first.

          Suzu is adopted. This was made clear in “The Key Suspect” when she said “Morrie is not adopted. I am the adopted one.” From what I’ve seen, it’s common for adopted children to still refer to their adopted mother as “mother,” or in Suzu’s case, “Mama.” No, Charlotte is not Suzu’s birth mother. But if “Morrie is not adopted,” that that would mean that she is Morrie’s birth mother. I might do something to make this a little more clear in the final scene, but it’s rewarding enough if you remember that line from “The Key Suspect.” (Also, it’s all made extremely clear what the family ties are in the next episode.)

          As to the second point: Yes, it is abrupt. And it’s meant to be. Notice how Whit says, “I figured out what you were after” and then jumps right to, “You both know, don’t you?” Obviously, Morrie would know what Suzu had given to Soren and what Morrie was after, so Whit’s talking about something else. And that something else has something to do with Suzu’s birth mother. So Morrie says, “And it took you this long to figure it out,” meaning that his whole plan had something to do with information about Suzu’s mother. And when Whit redirects with, “I’ll be preparing to bring your father to justice,” Morrie gets right to the point by coming right out and saying his plan: finding Suzu’s mother and bringing Whit down. And Whit, with this accusation in front of him (that he did something), comes back with “I didn’t mean to kill her.”

          Does that all make sense? Any way I can make it clearer that that’s what’s going on there?

          1. Thanks for explaining! That makes sense. Although it is rewarding to remember that line, I think it would help if the script made it a bit clearer that he’s referring to Suzu’s birth mother. Suzu’s adoption does not play a big part in the actual Rydell Saga, so it completely slipped my mind that Suzu is adopted. I really feel silly for not remembering that. If it was clear that they are two different people in your script, it would help.

            As far as the last scene, it does make more sense now that you’ve explained it. Perhaps some rewording would help make it clearer.

            Apart from that, I think you did an excellent job on the script, and I look forward to the next part! Thanks for listening to my feedback! And sorry that I took so long to respond.

          2. Yes, it does! Thanks for making those changes, it helps a lot. Thanks again for listening to my feedback! It is much appreciated.

  3. After Album 70 had excellent titles Album 71 has pretty cringe-worthy ones. I don’t really mind “Triple-Decker Sundae” and “Worth It”, but for some reason, all the titles seem odd especially “Please Adjust Your Frequency” which I think is interesting (it made me think of WandaVision)

      1. That would be interesting, I don’t know how I feel about a whole album devoted to the Rydell Saga, but I’m interested to see where things go. I’m trying to manage my expectations since TRR 1-3, so I’m apprehensive and excited at the same time.

        1. Hmm. I wouldn’t call this the Rydell Saga. If I’m predicting it correctly, Emily will be the central character in all six of these episodes. Morrie and Suzu would have just instigated the initial conflict.

  4. These titles are a little weird, but I am very interested, at least thanks to the description. I’ve read your fan scripts and have really enjoyed them, and can’t wait for the next one! About the Rydell saga, it’s definitely gone in the other direction from what I thought would happen. It started with Morrie and his manipulation and has gone toward focusing on Emily and her relationship with the Rydell children. I am very intrigued and think that “The Team” will be something to look forward to.

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