REVIEW — “The Ties That Bind, Part 5” (ft. Ryan Matlock)

We are back again continuing The Ties That Bind! In Part 5, as the plot continues to move forward, Ryan and I start to cement our critiques of the series as we discuss the vague dialogue, Miss Adelaide’s strange characterization, the faceless opposition, Wooton’s trust of Hadley, reconciliation (and Morrie), and steamed hams!

Please note that we do talk candidly about the themes and issues brought up in these episodes.

Binary Rating Spreadsheet (Beta): Google Sheets

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  1. I could comment about sooooo many things in y’all’s discussion but typing is hard…
    I think one of the most important things y’all talked about is how not everyone takes the Bible/God as their ultimate authority. That is one thing I don’t think enough Christians are even thinking about because we are often only equipped to deal with people who are ok with us defending our position with a biblical proof. When we are taught to simply memorize scripture to defend christianity (and i do believe scripture memorization is very important), talking to people who don’t believe the Bible about what the Bible says won’t really work. It’s the difference between spitting information out and actually being able to defend yourself and christianity with logic, reasoning, and facts. That is what these episodes do not equip Christians to do. All we are told is “God made men and women different and that’s super important.” But that will not change absolutely anyone’s mind unless we then follow that statement up with the WHY it is important the two are different. And we need to be able to, and it is definitely possible, defend that in a deeper way than quoting a verse to someone.

    Now that I’ve talked everyone’s ears off I have a question, are you familiar with PragerU?

    1. Excellent thoughts, Katie-Beth! That’s so true – apologetics is defending the faith and explaining WHY it’s important!

      And I’ve watched a little of PragerU, but not much. I’ve heard good things!

  2. Great Review! Enjoyed hearing your insight, and had fun listening to your critiques, comments, and jokes. Can’t wait for the next review!

    Also, WIll you be reviewing “For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll”, or “Solitary Refinement” even though technically they’re not in the post-blackgaard arc they do continue and in some ways complete the storyline?

    1. Thanks, Obed! We will be reviewing “Home, Sweet Home,” “Clara,” “Solitary Refinement,” and “The Decision” at some point. I’ll be reviewing “For Whom,” but not on this podcast. 😉

      1. Can’t wait to hear the review of for whom the wedding bells toll😂 I love that 3 parter so much!

  3. An excellent, excellent revi-new from AIO Audio News! Outstanding discussion; phenomenal, phenomenal insight. Keep up the great work! ‘Cause, y’know, we all need a little more Ryan and Le- Michael in our lives. Yet Michael does not post the link to the spreadsheet in the post… Hmm… Speaking of which, when Michael was talking about his list of opinions that matter to him, two thoughts ran through my mind. One, “Well, we all know who ISN’T on that list.” And two, “Okay, we don’t have to start judging people in the fandom by whether or not they have great opinions.” I may be wrong in that though. But hey, that was just my initial reaction.

    1. You know, I thought I would remember to include the link but I didn’t. Oops.

      And these 10 reviewers on the spreadsheet have been in the fan community for ages at this point, and I’ve seen all of their opinions before. So far, they’ve been great. I’m not saying anyone’s opinions are bad, just that these guys are awesome.

      1. I have no idea who half of those people are. I assume that most are from forums and whatnot. I was thinking in on lot podcasts, since those are the only reviews I listen to. Which, I was going to make a joke about this recording being an AIO Audio News- “Wait. Those are the only reviews I listen to.” But, oh well.

        1. Really? There’s Ryan, JD Sutter, Timmy Baze (from the AIOWiki and the reactions), Ben Kempf (Odyssey and Abroad), David Hilder (AIO Update), Jacob Isom (The Odyssey Scoop), just to name a few. Any of those ring a bell?

        2. *slaps face* First, I meant, “I was thinking in podcast terms…” and second, I meant that my joke (which has been completely ruined by now) was this being an AIO Audio Review. Y’know, mistakes happen, but seriously? Ugh.

    1. And if you can’t figure out Audacity (like me…) then GarageBand works fine for audio editing. As long as it isn’t super obvious that you edit with it, it should work great. 😉

  4. Out of curiosity, is there a reason that Buck will have to break up with Jules?? I don’t hate them together!

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